Kim Kardashian Called The Flu An “Amazing Diet,” People Got Pissed

Somewhere, a sad trumpet is playing Taps for waist trainers, for it seems they’re no longer the favorite excuse for how a Kardashian’s body suddenly looks different. Now it’s the flu. The illness that takes your ass halfway into the afterlife with vomiting, chills, cold sweats, hallucinations, and diarrhea is apparently Kim Kardashian’s new weight loss plan. And as you already know, a whole lot of people recently dragged her for admitting so.

Last night, Kim went to dinner in Los Angeles looking like a human tapeworm.

UsWeekly says Kim explained why her body looked a tad smaller by tweeting that she had lost 6lbs thanks to the flu.

“The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met lol #6lbsdown”

The two brain cells shuffling around in Kim’s cranium must have been busy trying to help her decide which shade of beige looks best wrapped around her butt, because they clearly weren’t there to whisper “Um, people might not lol at referring to the flu an amazing diet.” Some people on Twitter dragged Kim for glamorizing an illness and questioned whether she would say the same thing to her daughter if she got sick with the flu. Kim eventually deleted the tweet.

Personally, I think Kim deleted the tweet after Kris Jenner caught wind of Kim giving away diet tips for free. “Kim, you should know better! If you’re going to promote an unhealthy way to lose weight, at least try to register it as a trademark. The Flu(TM) could have been a bigger Instagram scam than Flat Tummy Tea!



  1. GravitaLoco

    This is the first time I agree with Kim, there’s no skinny like the week- long fever skinny.

  2. craigypants

    I guess everyone goes to dinner now dressed like that. That face looks 50 and chiseled by a blind man. She is a joke.

  3. Just the facts

    Also, this newest face: her nose is starting to collapse. It’s still symmetrical (for now), but otherwise she’s sporting her mom’s busted nose.

  4. Just the facts

    Does she actually have a Met invite in hand? We shall see. I’m not sure Kanye has the pull. And if he or the dull one do, does PMK get a ride along again this year? Their 15 minutes is finally nearing.

  5. Strange but not a Stranger

    She looks tense and uncomfortable in every photo. I’d say she wants out of the ho life, but I don’t want to give her credit for having a thought.

  6. She had her butt reduced a few months ago. Now it looks like she had lipo body sculpting. She’s prolly trying to compete with her younger sisters and the Kardashian show ratings are down . . .

  7. Bloody pillow

    She does not look good here

  8. ☥Ghoul☥

    I’ve always thought the baby prostitute of the family looked like her too.

  9. ibelizzy .

    Bitch looks like Mágica de Spell with that wig. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  10. A sheer bra and latex leggings. Skank

  11. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard but omg hahahahahahahaha shame on me

  12. FluffKitteh

    Her original Armenian face was pretty.

  13. This whole family (save maybe Kendull) would find a lucratrive business in renting themselves out as Halloween props.

    So scary!

  14. I keep reading, “she’s gonna look like shit in 5…10 years”. Hah! This plastic-infused thing is going DOWN within the year. No way a human body can withstand this compounded amount of surgery and evil.

  15. Yes. Bad stomach issues. Breakups are really the worst.

  16. Girl should stop with the plastic surgery STAT.

    And she’s tactless. What else is new?

  17. I love Rachel McAdams!

  18. Runswithscissors Run

    Oh! And you are encouraged to do super healthy, organic, clean eating, while fasting.
    Oh my!! That’s gonna be the next story line from PMK: “hurry up! One of you has to get cancer! Get on it!”
    I can totally see it!

  19. Runswithscissors Run

    Oh. My. Effing. God!! Her face!!!!! Her face is a death mask now!!!!

  20. Same here. Horrific heartbreak. I couldn’t eat for a two weeks and had the runs, too. Definitely lost 15lbs in those 2 weeks.

  21. Catrall has probably had some work done, but she’s still recognizeable as the actress’ from Mannequin.

  22. Mulva Kramer

    Sinus issues can be an effect from coke/meth smoked &/or snorted

  23. Why does her arms LOOK SO FREAKING WEIRD in the top photo?! What did she do to them?! They look like T-Rex arms and are bent in at weird angles. Yikes.

  24. All those fillers and plastic surgery make her look manly and dramatically age her. She looks 45 and possibly older. Jeez…can’t believe how much she messed up her looks.

  25. Joker Chick

    She doesn’t know that…or the it isn’t spelled FLOO

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