Barb From “Stranger Things” Has Come Out As Bi

Shannon Purser, who was Barb on Stranger Things and plays Ethel Muggs on Riverdale, came out as bisexual on Twitter yesterday. 19-year-old Shannon declared her love of both peen and poon after fighting with Riverdale fans on Twitter about whether or not the show partakes in queerbaiting. In the show’s first episode, Betty and Veronica kiss during cheerleading tryouts. They never go beyond that kiss and they never get into a relationship or anything. To me that kiss (yes, I watch Riverdale) was purely meant to be shocking since they did it to make the cheer team. Some fans didn’t like that the show shamelessly used faux-lesbian shit for ratings and had no intention of developing a real and organic relationship between Betty and Veronica.

The drama all started when Cole Sprouse (who plays Jughead Jones on Riverdale) burped up a tweet (that he later deleted) about how the show’s haters are either eggs or “someone who looks like they graduated Hogwarts with a magical liberal arts degree.” Shannon burped up a response to his tweet (which she also deleted) by telling him not to forget “angry Beronica stans” (aka fans who want Betty and Veronica to get together).

When the fans shit on Shannon for dismissing the LGBTQ community for wanting representation on TV, she answered back with these tweets:

Shannon later clarified her thoughts in an apology where she also came out as bi:

Let me break this down again for us dusty olds who aren’t totally fluent in Tumblr:

  1. Betty and Veronica kiss in the first episode for shock value. This pissed off some fans because instead of exploring a real teen gayelle relationship between two characters, the show went the “Ohmygod, two chicks kissing, so shocking, so sexy!” route.
  2. The fans who are upset about the queerbaiting expressed their thoughts to the cast of Riverdale on Twitter.
  3. Shannon called those fans out as “angry” and “haters.”
  4. Shannon was accused of dismissing their concerns.
  5. Shannon apologized and said that she’s recently come out to her family and friends as bi.

I think I got it. I think. I have two thoughts about this. First of all, YAY for Barb. Second of all, my thoughts are with the future children of Beronica fans who will probably be named Beronica.



  1. GravitaLoco

    Isn’t everybody at least bi these days? No one cares anymore.

  2. craigypants

    it’s 2017 not the 1950’s. Nobody cares.

  3. Bloody pillow

    I’m sure this is fantastic news for many people

  4. C-Wolf-Run

    Probably because social media has made it so you’re not allowed to have a critical opinion on anything unless you’re an identified member of that group. You wanna criticize angry lesbians? You best be a lesbian yourself. You wanna criticize black people? You best be black yourself. You wanna criticize right wing Christians? You best have escaped some fucked up polygamist cult in a past life. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  5. Sweet!!!

  6. C-Wolf-Run

    It is on Netflix. That’s where I’ve been watching it at least.

  7. C-Wolf-Run

    The dialogue in the scene made it clear was a tongue and cheek inclusion. It wasn’t shocking for the audience or any of the characters. It’s a mountain out of a molehill. People are free to ship together whatever characters they want, but this trend of TV viewers harassing the cast of a show on Twitter or other social media for something they have no creative control over has to stop.

  8. I hate them. Also wish they cast a better Reggie

  9. to be fair as an avid comic reader way back when I sub consciously paired them P: stans and “beronica” didn’t exist

  10. yaaaaaas

  11. Unless it involves me, I could not give a shiny shit who someone famous, or famous adjacent, is fucking.

  12. ModernGirl90

    all these hoes claim to be bisexual lmao at this point, i could care less about any of them

  13. motherslittlehelper

    Why not? It’s an oppressed minority group.

  14. motherslittlehelper

    For the cunts who hate on bisexuals,

    Just because your cousin Sharon-Nancy or Bilbo-Jonathan is the type of lady or fella who kisses ladies in front of dudes, or dudes in front of ladies (let’s admit that this is rarely done) for attention, doesn’t mean that everyone who kisses ladies and scissors ladies, or tickles b-holes with peens and phalanges is not genuinely into some ladies and dudes. Bisexuality is on the fucking spectrum, so stop assuming every goddamned woman or man is doing it for attention.

    Have a good fucking day!

  15. Scrolled_Ya

    Pretty much sums it up.

  16. Spaz de la Whoreta

    Twitter is so fucking stupid.All you have to do is NOT TWEET, and you won’t piss anyone off and therefore you won’t have to apologize. But I guess famewhores gotta whore.

  17. Bayou Jasper DeKimmel

    Ooo, ooo, I wanna break shit down too.

    1) Would never watch this show, but I’m absolutely certain a garbage CW show would be queerbating.

    2) Barb is actually kind of pretty????

    3) Barb is stoopid for taking shit so seriously. Calm down bitch.

  18. David Abbot

    I’m waiting to hear Kelly Osbourne’s opinion.

  19. Not to mention the story of Zola.

  20. Big deal, Monica and Rachel had an on screen kiss too.

  21. #Barbsexual

  22. Sex is not required to identify as a sexuality.

  23. The Tudors queerbaited the hell out of my dick and I love them for it

  24. Yep and every gay man swishes their hips and wears crop tops

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