Open Post: Hosted By Gracie, The Kitty That Saved Her Family’s Life

The battery is probably dead in your carbon monoxide detector. This will probably end up killing you someday, but you may have a chance to live, if you’re a cat owner.

Annette and Kevin Shanahan of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, would have died if their brown tabby, Gracie, hadn’t been around. The Huffington Post reports that, on the night of Feb. 4, Annette wasn’t feeling right.

Annette Shanahan of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, told this week that around 1 a.m. on Feb. 4, she felt weak, ill and disoriented and wandered out of bed, collapsing into a chair in the bedroom.

Her husband, Kevin, said he would have slept through it if it weren’t for the family cat, Gracie.

Gracie, perhaps noticing that one of his humans was seriously fucked up, sprang into action.

“All of the sudden Gracie, I heard she was pounding, knocking, knocking, knocking at the door,” he told local news channel WREG. “And so I got out of bed and to stop her from pounding at the door, and I looked to my left and Annette was there in the chair.”

Gracie doesn’t usually try to get into Annette and Kevin’s bedroom so he knew something was wrong. Kevin found his wife, and called 911. The firefighters later discovered that a malfunctioning water heater had released dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into their house. Yikes!

My disdain for cats is well-known (I think it’s even on my resume), but Gracie gets a pass. Sure, she was probably trying to save her own ass by escaping the house through a window in the bedroom, since cats are inherently selfish. But still – she inadvertently saved her humans.

Meet Gracie in the video below.

Pic: Huffington Post


  1. ☥Ghoul☥

    Or learn to “eat lots of grilled chicken and do 243,398,834 squats a day”! That’s the only hope I have.

  2. ☥Ghoul☥

    All Combichrist, all the time!

  3. ☥Ghoul☥

    My mom voted for him because “the economy!” but I’m still waiting to hear about all these job opportunities my folks are getting now that he’s in office…

    It’s understandable if someone didn’t want to vote Clinton for whatever reason, but not even some Republicans want him in office. Like, he’s not just dividing Republicans versus Democrats. He’s dividing his own party.

  4. ☥Ghoul☥

    Ugh, four days until my birthday. Another year spent alone!

  5. ☥Ghoul☥

    How ghoulish am I?

  6. ☥Ghoul☥

    Cat massages!

  7. Sometimes the soundtrack really makes the evening/night.

  8. I was never a big fan of Duran Duran but that one is an 80s classic.

  9. Lefemmenikita

    I was walking past a shop today that was playing this:

  10. ButteryTrash

    Sounds like a fun evening.

  11. ButteryTrash

    MILF Island, for fuck’s sake! What trash. And I am sort of a MILF heh heh
    I didnt watch much of 30 Rock, but it was dead on so many issues.

  12. It was 80’s theme night at the pub, they played AHA’s ‘Take On Me’, The Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’, Culture Club’s ‘Karma Chameleon’, etc.

    But they also played this which you so rarely hear played nowadays, and it was such a surprise…

  13. Lefemmenikita
  14. ButteryTrash

    Nor have I. I cannot understand why anyone would want to be “vying” for the love of such douche bags.

  15. ☥Ghoul☥

    Or post about it on Facebook.

  16. I’ve never watched a single episode.
    What an utterly, utterly low self-esteem and demeaning show that is.

  17. ☥Ghoul☥

    To be fair, I always liked cats, but in an “admire from afar” kind of way until I got a little older. I had to own one to see what all the hype was about, and since then I don’t regret a thing.

  18. Lefemmenikita

    This is usually me:


  19. Tart of Darkness

    Dem ears!
    Little snuggly bubs.

  20. ☥Ghoul☥

    Babies all look the same to me until they’re a few months old. When they grow into their own “look” is when they get cute.

  21. Lefemmenikita

    Tara the hero cat!

    I always think of her when someone mentions heroic cats

  22. TheBluebirdOfCrappiness


  23. Tart of Darkness

    “That’s my wee human! Piss all the way off, fang!”

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