Los Angeles Prosecutors Have Denied Roman Polanski’s Demands

Director Roman Polanski pled no contest to raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977, and then fled the country when it looked like he was going to have to serve some Subway Jared-level jail time. Now, Roman wants to sashay back into the States, spend a couple of nights at an upscale fantasy prison in Malibu, and then be done with it.

Unfortunately for Rosemary’s babydaddy, that’s not how raping an underage girl works here in America. Prosecutors have informed Roman that no deals will be made for a brief prison stay and he needs to get his ass back here for a hearing tomorrow to find out what’s going to happen to him.

The Guardian reports that, in a pre-hearing filing, L.A. prosecutors basically told Roman that he ain’t dictating shit. (His original sentencing had him serve 42 days in jail back in 1977, but he skulked over to Europe when it looked like the judge was going to add more to his sentence.)

Prosecutors said in the court documents filed on Thursday the director had made repeated requests for special treatment.

“The defendant is, once again, trying to dictate the terms of his return without risk to himself … [He] wants answers – but will only show up if he likes the answers,” Los Angeles district attorney Jackie Lacey wrote. “There will be no discussion regarding what will happen until Mr Polanski returns,” Lacey added.

Translation: Mr. Polanski should have his teeth removed now so he’ll have the benefits of a dental professional and anesthesia. This will save him some pain and suffering when it comes to the customary prison beatdown of baby rapers. Because his ass is going away!

Roman’s legal eagle put forth this bullshit story that Roman should be able to travel freely in the United States so he can visit his wife, Manson family victim Sharon Tate, at her gravesite. I’m sure Sharon would love that, considering how hubby turned out. Your husband drugging and raping 13-year-olds is only slightly less disappointing than Tex Watson and Sadie Mae Glutz murdering you in your home for Satan.



  1. She released a book about Sharon a few years ago and got roman to write the intro. She’s never publically commented I believe. The Tates whole agenda was always making sure that the Mansons stayed in prison forever, Sharon’s late Mother was the first person to win the right to speak at a parole hearing and personally question her child’s killer. Debbie has been continuing this. Roman never went to the court, after Sharon died that was it. Her parents, especially the Mom and Dad who had to watch Susan Atkins laugh at them had it the hardest.

  2. Unfortunately I think it happened all the time back then and these Hollywood elites knew what happened. If one of the most famous actors in the world could get away with Natalie Woods death, anythings possible – right

  3. Pen-a-lope

    This makes me happy.

  4. Pen-a-lope

    I read somewhere he has cancer and wants to come here for treatment. I don’t know if that is true or not.

  5. Turtle Dove

    wow, i had no idea. thanks for the heads up.

  6. Clever Moniker

    Statutory rape of a 14 year old when he was in his 30s. He also installed spy cameras in the ladies room of a restaurant to see girls pee.

  7. Turtle Dove

    whats wrong with chuck berry?

  8. woody’s got a huge fan club too

  9. is someone saying something? or just flies buzzing

  10. Diana Death


  11. Bunny Rabbit

    I fear what I’m about to say will be unpopular but I’m going to say it anyways. Women and girls need to respect themselves FIRST before expecting anyone or any man to respect them. No, girl, you don’t need to have a boyfriend in high school, you CAN excel in STEM, you don’t need to sleep with a guy if you don’t want to, don’t commodify yourself and think your body will get you noticed. You are worth more than anything else in this world, treat yourself with care and dignity.

    I have a high schooler and I see it already. Girls dressing a little too sexually, breasts out, bouncing around, acting like a coquette, bikini pics on social media. You NEVER see their male counterparts like that. Why do you want to be the girl who’s known for her teeny bikini and not the girl who solves math problems faster than anyone or debates better than anyone or writes better than anyone?

    Though clothing is totally irrelevant when it comes to sexual abuse or rape, I just feel so dismayed that the female gender is still stuck in physical superficialities than intellectual depth. Until women and girls value their minds first, then will they command respect.

  12. Ariana-Kaelita

    I heard he has a rare form of cancer.
    Either way, he deserves to suffer.

  13. Geoffrey Beene

    Right because no one had ever been accused of sexual assault prior to Bill Cosby, and no sexual assault case, prior to Cosby, involved drugs and alcohol. So every sexual assault case involving drugs or alcohol warrants a Cosby reference.

    Polanski is almost 90. Why is he even bothering with this. He will be dead soon. For that matter Cosby, who is almost 80, will be too. The average life expectancy for black men is only 72.

  14. Ariana-Kaelita

    He was living a good life while he was on the run.
    He was still able to direct films, work with A list talent and win awards!
    If its true he only wants to come back to the States to treat a rare form of cancer, I am glad he was denied into the US! He doesn’t deserve to live anymore!

  15. craigypants

    Ok, didnt know that.

  16. I don’t know if I’d have the courage to read it. I can barely sit thru Dateline or 48 Hours. People can be so evil.

  17. Supah nurse

    I read this book. It’s sad.

  18. Leona Lopez

    I didn’t think Samantha Geimer was his only victim. No telling how many girls he and his filthy friends drugged and raped.

  19. Here is the cover of the book the victim wrote. Polanski took this photo of her a couple days before he pulled a Cosby. No way he didn’t know how old she was, or whatever his excuse may have been. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  20. GOP supplied retirement home?! Sounds lovley. **snark font used**

  21. **wanted to add: I watched the Mason Family Circus special this weekend. I forgot how crazy that entire time was & unfolded.**Crazy.**

  22. He cheated on Tate non-stop and there is no doubt in my mind they would split while their baby was still in diapers.

    It is horrible he lost his mother in the Holocaust and that Sharon and their unborn son died so horribly, but he is still a pedophile POS and nothing changes that.

  23. Ya know, even for a child rapist, this guy is just such a POS. He acts like he is the damn victim here! He is deplorable! I shared with you how I know a woman who grew up in The Valley and this guy’s assistant came to her MIDDLE SCHOOL to invite her and a group of girls to a party at Polanski’s. He did it all the times-always picked pretty girls like my friend who is now in her early 50s. Thank God her parents said no damn way. He’d get those girls high at those parties and he and his friends would rape them-can’t and won’t say have sex with them as they were still children!

  24. Good! Fuck him!

    How damn arrogant is this POS? He’s a fugitive who fled his slap on the wrist sentence and he’s giving them his demands? Bitch, no!

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