Kris Jenner Is Ready To Break Blac Chyna

Kris Jenner, the Shonda Rhimes of reality television (she’s a master when it comes to plotting), is prepping for a battle with Blac Chyna.

Since Chyna and Rob Kardashian aren’t together, it was time to cue the requisite custody battle for their daughter, Dream. Chyna, one of the more prominent visitors from “the world of the pole” (thanks again, Wendy Williams), reportedly doesn’t want dual custody with the E! channel’s version of Eeyore. Speaking of Disney, People says that the prototype for every single one of their villainesses is ready to help her frumpy son get what’s his.

A source close to the situation tells PEOPLE that “Rob wants dual custody of their child and Blac Chyna is giving pushback.”

“They are still figuring things out but she will certainly do whatever it takes to have Dream be with her for the majority of the time,” the insider adds. “Kris [Jenner] is backing Rob up 100 percent and won’t let Chyna get away with anything that’s less than fair.”

Is it bad that I want this to go to trial just to see what dramatic mistakes Kris and Chyna will wear to court? The Kardashians pretty much stopped caring about Rob when he began battling depression and gained a lot of weight. If you don’t look like your body is fresh off the line at Hasbro, you’re dead to them! But a custody battle with a shrieky girlfriend is PRIME story arc material! So start dripping the glycerine into your eye sockets, girls, because Mama Kris has got your scripts and the cameras are rolling!

Jenner, 61, isn’t the only one supporting Rob. His sisters are completely behind him as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star navigates his new life as a single dad.

“The entire Kardashian family is there for Rob as well and supports him wholeheartedly,” the source reveals. “They are prepared to protect him in whatever way they need to.”

Kris Jenner’s broomstick must be sopping, because her family is an embarrassment of plot riches lately. Kim pulled off a fake robbery for sympathy got robbed, Kanye lost his shit, Kim the 2nd pulled off a fake robbery for sympathy? got robbed, and now Rob is FINALLY pulling his weight when it comes to the family business – ATTENTION.

Why, there’s enough story here for at least two more seasons of KUWTK! She must be so relieved, as I’m sure she was readying to ask a paroled O.J.Simpson to move in, just to keep it relevant.



  1. He looks like Kim, pre plastic surgery.

  2. She was always fug. I remember hearing about her during the OJ case and she always showed up in court wearing too much make up. Even then, I thought she was fug!

  3. The robbery angle for both Kummy and the “model” are not working. Cue the custody battle!

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  5. I didn’t see the original post because it has been deleted but if they used the word “haters” that sounds like Khlozilla or maybe that sycophant Jonathan.

  6. Kourtney pulling her baby out of her vagina was amazing. But to add to your list of horrible things about this family, they tried to market credit cards to tweens and teens. They got shut down with their predatory lending scheme. Also they Frankensteined Lamar and paraded him out in public at Kanye’s concert at Madison Square Garden and Caitlyn just had to remind Lamar how far he has fallen by mentioning how he used to play ball there and now he isn’t. That was the worst thing I can think of, among many, that they have ever done, on their show anyway.

    And now for the fun part, the Klan is so grotesque that they constantly use their dead father for their own gain. Kris hired a medium to come on their show to connect with their deceased father, and actually told Klozilla and the other sister that it was not PMK’s fault in the divorce and that it was his. All of this shortly after she wrote a book and blabbed her mouth about how much she cheated on Robert and that the divorce was very much her fault.

  7. Lefemmenikita

    It’s a race to the bottom….

  8. You just described the Drumpf spawn. None of them have broken from their narcissistic dad and none of them have any values. When ever I think of the K Klan I always think of how eerily similar they are to the Drumpf clan, who has the real KKK for moral support.

    Why is mommy fighting her grown ass adult son’s battles? Shouldn’t fighting over custody be between Blob and Chyna. Cannot stand adults who can’t stand on their own two feet. None of the spawn of Kris can think or act without mommy telling them what to do. Pathetic.

  9. Marisa Ptomaine

    I thought you people were civilized

  10. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux

    Pee Wee’s Playhouse is an INSTANT pick-me-up.

  11. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux

    Yep, it’s a gossip blog, not 11th grade AP English class, but take some of your own advice re: “fucking punctuation”–that is, if you’re going to spend time drafting a comment about the subject.

  12. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux

    Too long/confusing to read, but bottom line, this kid is fucked.

  13. Famewhore-hater

    And better fillers!

  14. Aunt Hatties Buns

    This post has got me so confused!

  15. They are both unfit human beings, much less parents. None of those kids stand a chance of having a sliver of a normal childhood.


  17. Ok hooker I’ve heard of a pearl necklace but a c̶r̶y̶s̶t̶a̶l̶ glass chandelier necklace?

  18. Fat Monica

    Stripper mom!

  19. Taffy Lindley

    Are they even white :-O

  20. SomEnchantedEvening

    or Kanye’s hole…

  21. Jello® Butt fka llkroll

    That has to be ‘shopped, right?

  22. Oh please, and do what? Staaap. Keyboard thugging from another continent.

  23. That’s not how it is in my state, so I dunno.

  24. Joker Chick


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