Open Post: Hosted By Duchess Kate And Prince William On St. Paddy’s Day

Yesterday, Vanity Fair spit out a story from royal sources about how Duchess Kate is very displeased with the future King of England, her husband Prince William, for causing clits to throb and assholes to swoon with the sweet moves he laid down at a club in Switzerland. Duchess Kate was also not happy with Prince William tarnishing the legacy of the monarch by touching a stranger chick’s waist. Duchess Kate and Prince William made their first public appearance today since the SCANDAL that caused every one of THE QUEEN’s Corgis to clutch their collars.

Duchess Kate and Prince William worked overtime today and on a damn holiday! They put their smiling and waving skills to work at two events today, starting in London. They celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by meeting with Irish guards and sipping on a breakfast Guinness. That look on Duchess Kate’s face. She’s obviously thinking to herself, “Trick, don’t even sniff that booze, because when the alcohol gets in your system, the hot moves come out and I don’t want to see coochies squirting and cocks jizzing in this place.” That’s obviously what she’s thinking and he knows it.

After their St. Patrick’s Day photo-op, they traveled to Paris for a two-day visit. They started at the Elysee Palace where they met up with French President Francois Hollande. Prince William better prepare himself, because I have a feeling that Duchess Kate is going to get revenge on him by doing a little partying of her own. Duchess Kate is really going to show P. Willy up when she sips on a weak Sloe Gin Fizz before busting out The Running Man and The Rebook to a C + C Music Factory song. And I bet she’ll stay out until 10pm. Show him, D. Kat!

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  1. Melvin T Pelvis


  2. Very much so. Her parents pretty much idolize the Duggars. She married up as far as they are concerned. She has siblings who hate them but she would lose a lot and she doesn’t seem like a strong person.

  3. Melvin T Pelvis

    So, she’s pretty much trapped…

  4. Ah, yes, this one too. Bat out of hell is Meatloaf btw.

  5. Yup, people who are honest know that marriage has its ups and downs and isn’t some great fairytale accomplishment. Some people are better off married and some just aren’t.

  6. Melvin T Pelvis

    (double) Actually I always thought it was:

  7. She also doesn’t have any skills or education and would be banished from everyone she loves and her children.

  8. Could be. There are a few nuts who come here and their go to is always that they are married (with a moral family). It’s like some big accomplishment to them, that someone cared enough to put a ring on it and think that’s enough to shut anyone down. That just tells you right there how terrible their lives are.

  9. You can. Just imagine you revealed personal information about your life here and then I came along and used derogatory slurs about you and said hateful personal things.

  10. Melvin T Pelvis

    no, I missed that. Was involved in my own discussion =
    And now disqus is acting up in a way where it doesn’t thread conversations
    Doesn’t show who is replying to whom.
    And to be honest…
    I think I can live without seeing it…

  11. And I enjoy it so much. Keep up the good work!

  12. See now that would make sense. She had the family and the money. He left her for someone younger, male or female. Her daughters never come to see her. She lives in an apartment alone on a crappy part the island where she used to have a big house and horses. She drinks and hates her life.

  13. Melvin T Pelvis

    I thought it was Bat out of Hell ;p

  14. No, she’s a sociopath. She comes here to say horrible things to people. Did you see what she said to Hamp and Mami down below. She hurls personal insults at people and picks nasty fights because she’s crazy.

  15. Not at all. I know a bit about having horses and it is expensive, hard work. And on the beach? Bitch, git out. People with that kind of money have better shit to do than harass people online. Even if it were true, her husband would have traded her in. Nobody that wealthy would support a hag like that. If you’re buying a beard, you want one to make you look good. GladAss is a deranged basement dweller.

  16. Melvin T Pelvis

    Well, at that age you aren’t going to change her (old dawgs, blah, blah, blah)
    But why does she come here?
    Just to argue?

  17. Dirk's VT, PhD

    I know. It’s fun to just work her into a lather of ignorance and insanity.

  18. She says she looks like Hedy Lamarr and loves Elvis, so 60’s-70’s, more?

  19. Melvin T Pelvis

    any idea how actually old she is?

  20. She supposedly has all of these horses and lives on the beach too. Who would spend their time harassing people on a website?

    If she came here and talked about her day and the horses or whatever, OK. But the way she depicts her life does not mesh with who she is on here.

  21. Melvin T Pelvis

    It’s not my place but kind of disappointed in her…
    But like Flick said, she’s been programed by her culture / religion.

  22. Yet when she talks about her fake daughters, they are full of success and admire her so for…what? If real, she probably resents them too. I think it’s all made up shit and I’m not even certain she’s a woman. Believe me, if some rich lesbian wanted to marry my ass as much as I like y’all you’d never see it again. Besides all the cool things you could get up to in Hawaii, it’s also one of the worst places for income disparity and drug abuse. If you’re loaded and have no job, you could spend all fucking day volunteering and doing important work for your community. Even her dreams depict a lazy good for nothing asshat.

  23. Melvin T Pelvis

    Anyone here read the Wild Cards series?
    If so which was your favorite character?
    It’s a shared universe / world series created and edited by George R. R. Martin
    (Yeah that Game of Thrones guy)

  24. You know, I’ve never heard this one. Kansas big one was dust in the wind, right?

  25. She only talks about her beauty and youthfulness. She lives through her supposed spouse and children and talks about how they love her. She also talks about her possessions.

    If this is all real she comes from a time when women weren’t allowed to go out and accomplish anything so she would have to be quite elderly or she suppressed her own desires to accomplish something and is bitter as hell.

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