Amanda Seyfried And Her Soon-To-Be Baby Father Eloped

Amanda Seyfried is going to give birth to another human soon, so I guess she and her man, Thomas Sadoski, figured that they should get the whole “married” thing out of the way before they’re up to their eyeballs in newborn slobber, baby diarrhea, nanny applications and pulled-out hair from listening to those selfish balls of neediness whine over stupid shit like being hungry. Thomas, who is also an actor, was on The Late Late Show last night to promote something I’m too lazy to Google and he declared that he is now Mr. Karen from Mean Girls.

Amanda and James Corden are friends, so before going into last night’s show, he already knew that she married Thomas. The English Jimmy Fallon asked Thomas about their wedding and he said that they did it the Anthropologie way. They grabbed her dog, Finn, and skipped into the country with an officiant.

“We eloped. We just took off into the country with an officiant and just the two of us and we did our thing. Listen, she’s the person that I love, admire, respect most in the world. I know that you guys are close friends and she would want you to know, so just keep it quiet and don’t tell anybody.

It was beautiful. It was everything it should be. It was just the two of us talking to each other.”

If your nerves can take it, here’s a clip of James Corden cheesing the hell out over Thomas’ story as Vanessa Hudgens sits there looking like a Disney Cher.

Amanda’s publicist is probably pissed and wish she would’ve waited a few days to get married. Because hacked pictures of Amanda Seyfried and her ex Justin Long leaked onto the internet earlier this week, and she could’ve distracted us all by getting hitched live on periscope as her dog Finn officiated the wedding while wearing a jaunty, little top hat. The sight of a dog in a jaunty, little top hat has the power to distract us from absolutely anything.

Amanda and Thomas’ relationship started out with people side-eyeing it. 31-year-old Amanda and 40-year-old Thomas first met in 2015 while working together on an off-Broadway play. Thomas was married at the time. Thomas filed for divorce in August 2015, and the two claim they didn’t get together until last year. Lainey Gossip also had a blind item that seemed to be about these two. The blind item claimed that an actress followed her married boyfriend to Europe where he was on an anniversary trip with his wife. So it’s a good thing that Amanda is too pregnant to go on a honeymoon. Because constantly looking over your shoulder for a possible side piece in a disguise is no way to spend your honeymoon.

Here’s Thomas and Amanda going somewhere in L.A. earlier this month:



  1. LotionSkinHoseAgain

    Thomas is kinda season 1 Rick Grimes-y looking. I’d hit it.

  2. Shenanigans

    sounds familiar. JA did the same, didn’t she?
    Probably a few others as well. HOw unclassy.

  3. BloodSweat&Tea

    They weren’t married, but the other woman was a long time, live-in girlfriend. And she was totally blindsided. Benjamin Millepied or whatever his name is seems like a total user asshole.

  4. BloodSweat&Tea

    No. I mean, we all take a risk when we get married. But after seeing my parents divorce*, if I thought it wasn’t really something I was going to fight for forever, I wouldn’t bother going through with it.

    *I’m not talking about the emotional pain…hell, I was 16 when they divorced and threw a party for myself when it was finalized. More like the legal headaches involved: splitting of assets, one partner behaving like a turd and being greedy and spiteful, potential of having to sell the family home, sharing custody (which is its own legal hellhole) among other things…throw fame into that? nooo thank you, i’d rather just have my child’s father be my boyfriend for a long, long time.

  5. BloodSweat&Tea

    Holy shit, I totally forgot she was ever on that show.

  6. James Cordon is FAR FAR too enthusiastic!!!

  7. i got to it a little late. all caught up now. LOVE Dianne Wiest.

  8. Lord Have Mercy

    Life In Pieces is a great show!

  9. Why is she carrying stuff and he isn’t? Is he pregnant or something?

  10. Marisa Ptomaine

    we like fat people here cause we’re all fat too.

  11. I hate watched “Newsroom” and his character was the one I hated most.

  12. craigypants

    Far to corny and cheesy for me. Hand me a bucket

  13. sick bitch.

  14. stuffinmuffin

    yes. Just like how I live knowing I’m going to die.

  15. It’s hard to not believe they all the The Herps and most all the STD’s. Green weenies ‘n all.

  16. Shenanigans

    Yup 🙃

    Except if u get saddled with asshole cats like i did, theres really no restful sleep.
    I sleep with ear plugs and a water bottle ☹️

  17. Shenanigans

    Natalie broke up a marriage? Never knew that!

  18. BritsBaldHead

    I am now just watching Big Love on Amazon, and I love the character she played on that show. Caring about her being pregnant? Not so much.

  19. Bunny Rabbit

    Praise the Lord! I was afraid the baby was going to be a bastard.

  20. thineownself

    let me ask all of you this, personally: would you marry if you knew you would divorce- i mean, is the experience of just having a marriage, even short lived, and the embracing of what is happening now with disregard of the future, worthwhile? (yes, i don’t think these two will last more then the requisite 7 years and prob more like 4)

  21. Try the Grey Stuff

    How the fuck James Corden made it in the States I’ll never know. He’s all yours, friends.

  22. Lisa Nones

    Yes let’s fast forward the next series of news on them.
    “Congrats on the baby”
    “Congrats on 1 year anniversary”
    “Congrats Thomas on being in a film with Sienna Miller”
    “Wow Thomas that’s a lot of tabloid covers”
    “Aww sorry to hear about the separation filing”
    March 2019- “Congrats on the divorce”

  23. Eh, I don’t care. Never even knew who this guy was until I saw him on Life In Pieces, which is a very funny show, by the way.

  24. my_bed_is_my_castle

    The pregnancy really suits her =).

  25. Wax lips…you hit the nail on the head!!!

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