Open Post: Hosted By The Snow Miser’s Giant Wet Sneeze

As you probably figured out from East Coast friends tweeting and Facebooking about how they were about to become Jake Gyllenhaal in The Day After Tomorrow, a winter storm called Stella queefed out a ton of snow all over the Northeast earlier this week. Businesses closed and some people stayed home. Well, the people who were waiting for a train at an Amtrak station in Rhinecliff, NY on Wednesday probably wished that they would’ve stayed home after they got hit by a damn avalanche.

This video, which has been making the rounds, shows people waiting on the platform as an Amtrak train comes toward them. Amtrak said that the train was going its normal speed to clear the snow from the tracks, but it still created a cloud bigger than a Yeti’s fart. Amtrak also said that they always tell people to step away from the platform when a train is coming. If Charlie Sheen and the Lohans were standing on the platform, they could’ve opened up their nostrils and snorted all that snow up, but they weren’t. So the snow hit the people, knocking some down to the ground.

Some of us probably wake up, wishing that we’ll get blasted with a load of white stuff that day, but not like this:

I wouldn’t blame those people if they said, “Fuck this shit,” and immediately went home to go under the covers until April. Hell, they should stay there until May.

Pic: YouTube


  1. The saint, her nipples and the Archbishop met.

  2. MeFunPrincess

    God you’re a stupid twat.
    That 3% amounts to about 3 billion
    Do you know how many we can feed for 3 billion?
    And you’re leaving out The Older Americans Act, (which is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, a GOVERNMENT AGENCY HE WILL BE CUTTING AS WELL), who cover 35% of the costs for 2.4 million senior citizens to get meals.
    Meanwhile we spend 500k a day, (that’s 10 million a month since you have trouble with numbers), because his wife doesn’t want to live with him and 3 million every weekend in FL because it’s so much stress sitting around watching tv all day so he needs a weekly vacation because his constituents hate him.
    That’s not even including his grown children traveling all around the world on our dime.

    Shut the fuck up with your ignorance.

  3. and stinking ear-wax

  4. Second life. Its like Sims but you in a buisness

  5. Spray on abs

    You are the master of Happy Endings gifs…I wish you a peaceful nights sleep.

  6. Spray on abs

    Areas needing attention.

  7. G’night!

  8. QueenOfFarts

    I’m a work in progress. Emphasis on “work”

  9. QueenOfFarts

    Thanks Chambord! Feels good to do good scthtuffs

  10. QueenOfFarts

    Im so glad your wee one likes to bike and good or you for getting her a good one. I hope you get more of the euphoria of the outdoors for yourself as well.

    Yeah, life can really wear you down (I suffer from Major depression, exercise helps me to stay well and moving forward) – it’s hard to resist getting jaded but we owe it to ourselves to fight it. Much love hor

    EDIT: wanted to add that I also have a “pain in the ass” – pyriformis syndrome, from a bulging lumbar disk. have to always keep ahead of it. Just keep moving!

  11. Tart of Darkness

    CHOOOOON. I miss good hooks.

  12. Lefemmenikita

    I like the Dre beat and the song is definitely catchy

    Man I miss cool, catchy fun songs from Dre; Timbaland and Neptunes.

  13. Dingle Barry

    Oh, crap. I’m an hour past my bedtime. Ugh!

    Goodnight toads, frogs, and other assorted amphibians. May all your sweet dreams come true.

  14. Tart of Darkness

    I like Gwen here, but all the lols at the g-banger showing trend of that time.

  15. Lefemmenikita

    Haha. I can’t think of any R & B songs that fit this bill straight away though I know I have heard them

  16. Dingle Barry

    Well, well, well, what do we have here?

  17. Tart of Darkness

    Fun fun fun. Sexy sweaty dance floors πŸ˜€

  18. Spray on abs

    Ready to blow…no waiting.

  19. Tart of Darkness

    Blow into this…wait

  20. Spray on abs

    sign here and here and here and here and here too.

  21. Lefemmenikita

    Timbaland always gets the party started

  22. Dingle Barry

    Handle with care. Oh, yeah!

  23. Spray on abs

    Special delivery. πŸ˜‰

  24. Tart of Darkness

    Trying to give myself some pep. This helped πŸ™‚ I’ve had some fun to this song. Now some Missy.

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