OoooOooOoooh, Prince William Is In Trouble With Duchess Kate For Dad Dancing At The Club

That video of Prince William dancing whatever is left of his hair off at a club in the Swiss town of Verbier took me higher, but Duchess Kate apparently doesn’t love it and thinks it is very uncouth of him to act like that. Prince William totally has to sleep on the couch now, or he’ll sleep in one of the many lavish bedrooms in one of the many lavish estates his family owns. Either or.

Other videos have come out of P. Willy making bloomers drop in Switzerland during his dudes-only ski trip, and one of them shows him pulling the smooth “Oh, I can’t hear you so I’ll have to get closer and touch your waist” move on a chick. At around the 0:38 mark in the video below is a drunk P. Willy causing a royal ESCANDALO by touching a chick’s waist.

Vanity Fair’s royal sources” say that Duchess Kate is “less than pleased” (that’s polite royal talk for “bitch is gonna roast the bastard“) that Prince William, a married father, was carrying on like that amongst the peasants. The source also said that Prince William is probably going to get a pasting from Duchess Kate (that’s polite royal talk for “she’s gonna whoop that trick”).

“It was William’s choice to go away, but make no mistake Kate wears the trousers in their marriage, and she won’t be happy with William’s antics. She thought his partying days and larking around with the boys was a thing of the past. I imagine she’ll find this humiliating and William will have come in for a pasting.”

I’m not sure I believe this. I have a feeling that Duchess Kate was happy that Prince William went away without her for a few days. I mean, on nights that he’s home, he likes to sip on a wine spritzer, put on his Now That’s What I Call The 90s CD and bust out his sweet seductive moves. We’ve all seen those moves. Prince William is practically the Salome of dorky British princes. He could make a rock jizz with those moves. So when Prince William dances, Duchess Kate can’t help but explode. And so she was probably happy that her royale vagine got a few nights to rest.

You probably didn’t read any of that since after watching P. Willy dance, your coochie or b-hole automatically suctioned itself to the screen.

And here’s the greatest, hottest and most responsible British royal doing actual work in London while all those lazies are on vacation!



  1. it’s pretty shallow to judge men for hair loss, they can’t help it.

  2. Nice.

  3. Nuno Fonseca

    At first I thought this was a wax figure…FFS, I’m one year older and I look like I could be his son!! That’s some horrible genetics right there!

  4. My Cat Has 9 Loaves

    Man, I used to watch ST back in the day, every week. I loved Soul Train much more than American Bandstand. I remember, back then, there was this good-looking couple, an African-American guy and his Asian partner who had silky straight hair all the way past her ass. I can’t remember what I made for a dinner a few nights ago, but I remember useless trivia like this. LOL

  5. what the hell happened to his hair?

  6. My Cat Has 9 Loaves


  7. My Cat Has 9 Loaves

    He really is handsome when he’s got hair. What a difference!

  8. My Cat Has 9 Loaves

    It must suck to not be able to down a few and have a go at dancing without having the world take notice. I used to do a lot of drunk dancing back in the day; thank god prying eyes weren’t involved.

  9. No Royal Chancleta?

  10. Spray on abs


  11. LOL!!

  12. I guess Rogaine didn’t work?

  13. It’s Switzerland.

  14. Really enjoyed looking at that!

  15. NoseyParkerPosey

    I hate to say this but Princess Kate is beginning to look very snobby in all photos. She didn’t used to look that way at all.

  16. NoseyParkerPosey

    You just now figured that out? They don’t even dress themselves. He has what is referred to as a valet who attends to all his clothing, laying it out, making sure it’s pressed, tying his tie, etc. They have servants for everything.

  17. 😂 dead!

  18. I thought the same thing!! There were an awful lot of bad dancers in that room.

  19. Tits 4 Tats

    I can’t help noticing that he’s not the worst dancer in the room.

  20. Ha, you’re so right…I was happy when my man went bald…makes him look older, too!

  21. The Windsor Washer.

  22. Tits 4 Tats


  23. He is such a dingus. I do think he means well but he will never get it. Betty is all, “We must show respect to the young soldiery that can take us in a fight! And also cement our power!” whereas William thinks he is just a nice, posh Dad.

  24. She has some leverage now that she has the kids and a cause or two. But it would be seriously fucked up to use the kids & mental illness to one-up her husband.

    They need to sneak William onto Veep as an uncredited guest star. Now that Harry is dating an actress it must be only a hop, skip & jump to that.

  25. Kate will never allow it. She knows all the barely legal panties will be dropping once he has hair again. She is probably putting Nair in his shampoo or something to exacerbate the hair loss.

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