Mischa Barton Got Restraining Orders Against Two Exes Who May Be Peddling A Sex Tape Of Her

Mischa Barton’s lawyer Lisa Bloom is the daughter of Gloria Allred, and as everybody knows by now, Gloria Allred is known for her legendary press conferences. Well, like mother, like daughter. Lisa too holds press conferences with her celebrity clients. And yesterday, she held one to talk about how she plans to track down the evil doers behind Mischa Barton’s sex tape. Lisa is going to bring them to their knees and make them scream for their mommy as they gouge their own eyes out because they can’t take her blazing glare of rage. Once again, Lisa Bloom is Liam Neeson in Taken and Liam Neeson in Taken is Lisa Bloom. Don’t fuck with her.

Hacked pictures of Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson and Annaleigh Tipton have ended up on the internet, but Mischa’s sex tape isn’t a part that. Mischa says that her ex-boyfriend, Jon Zacharias, recorded her having sex with him and also took pictures of her in the shower. Mischa says she didn’t know he was recording her and so she never gave him the okay to do it. The tape is on the porn auction block at a starting price of $500,000.

Mischa filed a police report and also got two restraining orders, one against Jon and the other against Adam Shaw. Adam was a friend of Jon’s and he dated Mischa for a minute after she broke up with Jon. While she was dating Adam, she says he told her that Jon secretly recorded her. Mischa claims that Adam made copies of the videos and pictures and tried to erase them from Jon’s computer.

Mischa says that Jon only dated her because she’s famous. And Adam also turned out to be a dried butt maggot of a person. She says Adam forged her signature on checks. The joke must’ve been on Adam when those checks bounced like Tigger on meth.

The judge granted the restraining orders against Jon and Adam. Jon and Adam must stay away from Mischa and they’ve been ordered not to show, sell or give away any videos and pictures of her. Mischa told reporters that she came forward and isn’t only fighting for herself. She’s also fighting for other women who are going through the same mess she is.

This Mischa Barton sex tape saga has made my mind put on a Von Dutch trucker hat and time travel back to 2006 to remember all of the Hollywood messes of that time. I was reminded that Mischa dated both Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis and Cisco “Long Balls” Adler. I’m surprised that neither of those douches tried to sell a sex tape starring her. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to put a bag of frozen peas on my eye. I got a black eye just from thinking about (WARNING: Put on safety goggles before clicking that link) Cisco’s saggy huevos swinging around in a sex tape.

Pic: ABC News


  1. Doll Parts


  2. Doll Parts


  3. GothyMcGotha

    I just Googled. And I have never felt such a strong need to poke my own eyes out.

  4. Nobody wants to see uncoordinated, square shaped, soft tissue have at it. My eyes are too sensitive for this failure.

  5. 💯

  6. Being filmed having sex without your consent/knowledge does the trick. I assume.

  7. Crybaby John B0ner
  8. Oh dear, she’s either lying about some, or most of this story, and/or she is not very bright. Is she actually clever enough to be manipulative and convincing to judiciary? Probably not. Anyway, if it is true, that really sucks.

  9. Jello® Butt fka llkroll

    Omg she’s the barfing girl?!?!

  10. Annabeaver

    I feel bad if she didn’t know he was video taping her, that sucks. I just don’t understand other “celebrities” that actually do film a sex tape together…don’t you think at some point they may come out?? I never made one because the thought of my kids finding it some day terrified me…but that’s just me.

  11. Why do I want to see a tape of a straw dropped in corn oil?

  12. Isnt California where the Playboy bunny is facing a criminal sentence for taking that photo of an older woman in a locker room? I got to believe that is a criminal act in any jurisdiction if there is an expectation of privacy

  13. isabeljcat


  14. She seems like she thinks very highly of herself…It is sad for the troubled breakdowns, but the ego needs to come down a few notches.

  15. MoshPitKiss

    The OC was life back then for me, man!

  16. The only thing I’ve seen Misha in was Sixth Sense and she was maybe 12. I really don’t know what she’s done since then, but she seems like a troubled person. And damn, I thought my taste in men was tragic.

  17. Because currently, it is mainly happening to women. If men were getting hacked (not that I’m suggesting that happen) it might play out a lot differently. If you look at “The Fappening” many people were blaming the women for taking the pictures rather than the sleaze who hacked their photos.

  18. A-List name recognition possibly (during OC days) but never A-List in film

  19. Original Putas

    My phone must come with an automatic Photoshop filter attached, because I don’t see any cellulite on her.

  20. Original Putas

    I hear you! 100% agreement on all. I also cannot believe anybody would touch greasy bear or Gummy Bear with a ten foot pole! Greasy Bear got hot now though, LOL. His brother was on The Millionaire Matchmaker and I swear that guy is the strangest fucking person ever!!!! I can’t even describe his level of insanity.

  21. Galaxy_Scribe

    No one’s bought it yet

  22. Polyester Poontang

    I feel bad for her over the situation as it can’t be fun thinking that this is out there risking to leak, but she seems to have incredibly poor judgement. She needs to love herself more, especially considering before these creeps she dated Greasy Bear and Low-Hang Balls.

    Get out of Hollywood ASAP Mischa.

  23. Matty Ice 2016

    First of all, she has drunk to much of the kool aid , secondly , bad cottage cheese ….

  24. LOL

  25. Original Putas

    Who’s showing this on their site? Who’s the distributor. I need to know so I can either feel sorry for her or shake my head at her thirst.

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