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A wave of screams is covering Los Angeles today, and it’s definitely from every A-list actress yelling at her stylist for not presenting them with this chic and exquisite ensemble as an Oscar dress option. Because they’d be the only one on every best dressed list if they wore this.

Sundy Carter is the genteel rose of Basketball Wives L.A., and while shooting the show at an event in L.A. on Monday night, she made her castmates spit out rivers of jealousy through their eyes by wearing a gorgeous outfit from the Haus of No Shame. The Mirror says that Sundy was “pretty much” naked and they have a really prudish definition of naked. Sundy (whose name my auto-correct hates) is pretty much fully covered to me. Her nipple knobs are covered with electrical tape pasties. Her cooze region is covered by I’m not sure what and I’m not really sure if it’s covered. And her ass crack isn’t totally out. There’s a thin piece of fishnets covering a tiny piece of it. Also, when she turns around, her ass looks like two big chichis shoved into a mesh sports bra and that IS the look.

My only problem with Sundy’s look is that the event’s theme was Fifty Shades of Grey. This is the wrong outfit to wear to a Fifty Shades of Grey-themed party. If it was a Demure Flowers-themed event, perfect! If it was a Goddesses of the World-themed event, perfect! But not Fifty Shades! Does Sundy know anything about that crap? If she did, she would’ve worn a pair of mom jeans with vanilla pudding covering the crotch or she would’ve covered herself with dried oatmeal to represent the chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

But other than that: potent perfection!

And here’s more of Sundy and the other Basketball Wives of L.A. at that event on Monday night. I wonder how many crows tried to mate with Sundy’s lashes?



  1. iamskwishi

    Hey has anyone heard of Boy Epic? I stumbled onto his song “Filthy” and instantly fell in lust with it, and the video is total sex: I love his face, his body, his voice, his physicality, the way he moves his body to the beat, the way he eye-fucks the camera… Yeah, I see you, and I see the lust in your eyes when you look at me! (Forgive me, I may be a bit tipsy, but it’s an incredibly sexy song)

    Anyway, watch the video, it’s very addictive..

  2. QueenOfFarts


  3. iamskwishi

    No! Don’t disparage mah babeh like that! Hehehe. For whatever reason I just want to wrap him up in my arms and never let go. (Also I’m kinda lonely and a little bit tipsy. And also it’s my birthday yesterday, don’t take that away from me…)

    Yeah, a lot of people accused him of using his mother’s cancer diagnosis as a means to win the season, but after the show ended, all of the people who voted unanimously for him to win had already made up their minds. And wow, it’s just so sad that his mother died an hour after he returned home..

  4. Taffy Lindley

    They can’t hurt your furbaby!!
    I just looked that up for you… the brat provoked the dog, so it’s her fault… your baby didn’t do anything wrong… Your baby is safe… but please don’t give out your personal information so freely again

  5. Clever Moniker

    Yep. Insurance companies usually require anywhere from a 3-12 month diet before approval, but only 1 psych evaluation.

  6. Trash Panda

    Looks like a fetus James Franco.

  7. Trash Panda

    Sometimes a RT ticket is actually cheaper than one way.

  8. Dirk's VT, PhD

    Your obsession with her is a bore and frankly approaching Lulu levels of fanaticism.Create a shrine to her on your walls and fap to it instead of incessantly posting about her.
    Also, by linking to Daily Mail, you are helping support a man, Piers Morgan, who interfered with a murder investigation. Daily Mail is pure shit, through and through. If you’re going to constantly prattle about her, link to sites that aren’t sewers.

  9. Trash Panda

    It needs to grow sum more. Looks like a single digit.

  10. Dirk's VT, PhD

    Looks easily confused. So I’ll use very short and simple words with him.

  11. Puggygirl_

    No good, I need Fasspeen πŸ˜‰

  12. Puggygirl_

    Your not alone, I thought it was good too πŸ™‚

  13. howcomebubblegum
  14. DuchessGummyBuns

    I baked mine in the oven. Crispy fresh and no mess.

  15. Puggygirl_

    I’ll look it up, thanks πŸ™‚

  16. Lord Cocklefeck Dingletwang

    A hamster would be a better choice.

  17. howcomebubblegum


  18. Lord Cocklefeck Dingletwang

    Take them on a picnic in the park and leave them there.

  19. Lord Cocklefeck Dingletwang

    His face reminds me of a cartoon with that dazed expression after getting smacked in the face with a frying pan.

  20. Yummy to look at but where’s the beef?

  21. Lord Cocklefeck Dingletwang

    Dude is packin’ a panic button in his chonies.
    Did he piss them too?

  22. Thanks πŸ™‚

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