Taylor Swift Wasn’t Happy About Demi Lovato’s Squad Comments


Of course she wasn’t! Demi Lovato is about to learn that if you grab the sugar cookie, you get the sharp shards of royal icing. I don’t know what that means, but it feels like something said by Taylor Swift while staring menacingly out of a window in the war room of her gingerbread house.

Yesterday, Glamour published a recent interview they did with Taylor Sucks club member Demi Lovato in which she verbally slapped an unnamed leader of a “squad” that is filled with mostly model-perfect bodies. She made it obvious who she was talking about by again slapping at said anonymous person for tearing down Katy Perry via a music video. Demi later took to Twitter and claimed her words were taken out of context, but added that she was just saying what everyone was too afraid to say about the most popular girl in gym class.

Taylor hasn’t said anything about Demi’s takedown, but E! News says a “source” would like you to know that Demi only came for Taylor’s squad because Demi is just jealous she’s not in it.

“Taylor has a tight group of women in her life that all have her and each others’ back and sometimes people just want that. She thought it was unnecessary for her to make those comments. They both have never been really good friends.”

Unnecessary, sure, but appreciated? I bet. Don’t tell me Demi’s jealous hater comments didn’t put some pep back in Taylor’s victim step yesterday.

I’m sure the source wanted to go on to say: “…and like, maybe some people – cough cough wink – could use all that time off they’ll have next year to find some friends, since they clearly want Taylor’s so badly.” And then they slammed their locker shut and excused themselves, for if they’re late to 3rd period social studies one more time, their teacher will call their parents.

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  1. I can’t with Demi Lovato, and I can’t with that stupid ‘squad’ thing. In that picture they all look like a bunch of bitchy elitist Barbies.

  2. OMG I hate that condescending, passive aggressive shit like, “…and sometimes people just want that”

  3. Frankly Fat Patricia

    All I knew about this song was its’ backstory and the flames and tough girl shit. I assumed it was some power ballad. I finally heard it in its’ entirety by a 8/9 year old neighbor who played it on repeat while lip synching in her driveway. The song is actually sappy and weak, it doesn’t go with the video at all.

  4. Aurelia Grey

    What the hell is with this dumb ass shit? Tator Tot has zillions of friends she pays to be her friend, Demi is a moron, what am I missing here?

  5. Emily_loves_vino

    taylor swift: ruining dancing for white people everywhere.


    also, lorde looks like an ancient sea witch in this gif, and i say this as someone who likes lorde’s music. not as much as THE lord’s music, of course.

  6. BitchYouTriedIt


  7. BitchYouTriedIt

    There’s some affirmative action hires in the squad I see. It’s important for orange people to see that they too can become a prop for Taylor Swift.

  8. Hmm, the plot thickens…

  9. FluffKitteh

    I was in a sorority. that’s the closest I got. I didn’t know when I joined, but it was my university’s stoner sorority.

  10. No she’s not. because you’ll notice that when she gets a boyfriend, along with the carefully planned photo shots of she & her man having a romantic evening, there are also carefully planned photo shots of just her and the girls because no man gets between her and her girls.

  11. Or at least with their dignity intact.

  12. I’m not sure how much she can wring from either Hiddleston or Harris. Both affairs were so… meh.

  13. Dirk's Vinegar Tits

    All the women in this story are whiny annoying pisspots.

  14. Also you will notice the black eye liner, leather and ammunition. Powaaaaahhhh

  15. I Love Demi!!! but silence is golden when it comes to very public opinion, I can careless about Taylor’s squad, so I can careless about talking about it and that’s how Demi should be, she is her own Badasssss, so own it, don’t worry about what others are doing….Karma always gets paid….so just sit back and wait , no need to address it or add to it….

  16. I went to Catholic school and it was a miserable experience. I definitely still have some emotional scars

  17. FluffKitteh

    Karlie Kloss is a butterface IMO.

  18. Yeah something is up.

  19. Leona Lopez

    Much fire, so feminist.

  20. Queen Frostine's Original Face

    I like Demi’s singing voice/latest album (yes, really) and her activism, but she does herself NO favors when she pulls stunts like this. At this point, even I laughed at MK’s joke last night about her break from recording equaling 4 double albums next year. Enough is enough, girl.

    That said, I like that she, unlike some celebrities, is above licking Taylor’s ass, even if it’s gotten somewhat tiring coming from her.

  21. The Rural Juror

    There is no here here.

  22. Queen Frostine's Original Face

    And Taylor is responsible for phrase “squad goals” becoming popular. Directly responsible. I hate it.

  23. I think Lenah Dunham is about as diverse as it gets in that group. I think every once in a while Zendaya will pop up too.

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