Open Post: Hosted By Salma Hayek Making An Artistic Commentary On Fashion Victims


That’s why she’s wearing that, right?

And in this month’s episode of “Salma Hayek, You Are Married To A Billionaire, You Don’t Have To Do This Shit,” Salma Hayek showed up to the Stella McCartney show at Paris Fashion Week on Monday looking like the definition of “fashion victim” violently threw up all over her. While her billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault dressed like he doesn’t give one damn, Salma looked like she was styled by Derek Zoolander using crap that Edina Monsoon was about to throw out. If you threw in a pair of diamond grillz, it’s what Madonna would wear to parent-teacher conference night, and yes, Rocco Ritchie would immediately run out the exit door and take her private jet to his dad’s house. Salma needs to immediately go to the nearest FedEx and return those post-cataract sunglasses to Skrillex’s grandma and send those shoes to a charity benefiting needy ravers.

Salma’s billionaire husband’s company is a partner of the Stella McCartney label, so maybe Salma wore that mess because she had to and it’s good for her man’s business (but is it really?). If that’s the case, dude better rip up their prenup since Salma has already gone above and beyond the call of duty by wearing this foolery out in public.





  1. Eh, it looks like she’s having fun. I like her.

  2. Emily_loves_vino


  3. FunkAnarchy84 ☭

    For those that don’t know, earlier today, Kort told us about her cousin’s untimely death from a car crash. Keep her and her family in prayer. ????????

  4. pushy broad

    Guten abend, mein freund! 🙂

  5. Emily_loves_vino

    boobs for daaaaaaays.

  6. Maybe she should have worn Stella’s cat coat instead:

  7. Emily_loves_vino

    when you’re this rich it’s like fuck it. salma always gets a pass from me.

  8. That’s awesome!

  9. Slide on over here, Jeannie!….

  10. Who does she think she is, PeeWee Herman?

  11. pushy broad

    I wonder who’s shoes those are because if they aren’t one of her “billionaire husband company” products she’s hocking, there is no excuse for her wearing them. Downright horrible.

  12. But, BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I do like that she hasn’t starved herself “actress-thin”, she has a lovely figure but this isn’t the best ensemble for her, you’re right.

  14. Cofomofo efestafas?

  15. Those shoes remind me of the ones the Spice Girls wore all of the time.

  16. que cochina

    Buenos tardes guapo.

  17. Guten abend, mein freund!

  18. pushy broad

    Hola Ecce:)

  19. Leona Lopez

    Salma doesn’t dress right for her height. And I say this as a shorty myself. And long hair makes short people look shorter. Not always true but it is in my case and in Salma’s case imo.

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