Man Down, Code 10, The Scientologists Got Another One!


Subtlety” got a new visual definition at last night’s NYC premiere of The Girl on the Train when Laura Prepon accidentally gave every camera there a full view of her engagement ring while casually and spontaneously draping her hand over her piece’s arm. That “Oh, holding my purse like this is really, really comfortable and natural for me and OH MY GOD why are you taking pictures of the engagement ring I’m wearing since I’m engaged, stop, stop asking me questions about my engagement ring” pose is so subtle. Because the purse she’s carrying is black, it looks like she’s putting her hands in an invisible manicure bowl and speaking of needing a manicure….


But nail polish-shaming aside, I totally forgot that Laura Prepon was bumping her Scientolocoochie against Ben Foster full-time. Last July, 36-year-old Laura and 35-year-old Ben were “spottedacting all couple-like in NYC and New Jersey. And at last night’s TGOTT premiere, they made it perfectly clear that they’re planning to bump genitals as husband and wife. People also confirmed that the ring isn’t a STUNT QUEEN prop and they’re really engaged. Laura and Ben have only been a thing for a few months, but apparently they’ve known each other for years since he’s a good friend of her That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson. Laura was with Danny’s brother Christopher Masterson for a while and Ben was twice engaged to Robin Wright.

Yes, Laura Prepon is a Scientologist and most of us try to avoid having to witness Little Lord David Miscavige licking the Thetans on Tom Cruise’s b-hole during “church,” but I can see what Ben Foster sees in her. I mean, Laura’s eyebrows look like they were tattooed on by Bob Ross himself, and next to Xenu, she has the greatest set of eye valances in the world of Scientology. An amazing eyebrow situation will make a bitch do crazy things, like propose. (Besides, there’s speculation that Ben Foster is a closeted Scientologist.)

And Ben Foster looks absolutely thrilled about getting engaged (see: the picture above of him looking absolutely thrilled). Beefy Ben is either struggling to breathe since he’s stuffed into that suit, or he just realized that he signed up for a lifetime of playing a stupid reindeer next to annoying Jenna Elfman in Scientology’s annual Christmas Stories Pageant.





  1. someone called her Teresa Giudice lookalike and I spit my prosecco LOL that’s what ben will wake up next to in a few years,,,, and she’ll wake up next to an unfunny Louis CK

  2. Tommy girl, Benny boy and Dave miscavage: all them short insecure and narcissistic lil dudes with a huge Napoleonic complex. we could throw in the mix Sean Penn too, seems on topic…

  3. I think he’s a e if anything

  4. It actually kind of makes sense for rich Euros. I am sure the Thetans or Zenu or whoever they worship has all kinds of crafty ways to not pay taxes without being branded a conservative, which would be worse to them than being labeled a Scientologist. It’s a huge tax dodge rich people party. I doubt half of them see it as more than that…plus hook-ups for rich straight people (LRH did not approve of the gays), so it’s just sort of an exclusive club.

  5. No but maybe they promised him the throne to Tom Cruise. He is kinda short.

  6. I bet they have hot sex.

  7. oh snap, coming to a gossip site to lecture about gossip, for once that we have a good one: bluebill has legit tea

  8. at least Robin has her manicure game on point. Ms Underwood would NEVA put on that cheap pink nail polish, let alone walk a red carpet with the nails of a plumber, duh

  9. The Rural Juror

    I dig her chola eyebrows, but clearly not much going on upstairs if you’re going to be a part of that cult. And he seems joyless. I’m glad Robin got away.

  10. TheOldGuyFromHalloween3

    Laura looks like a drag queen

  11. I thought this was Aaron Paul at first glance. I was going to be so disappointed.

  12. svetlanabanana

    Is he famous? Somehow I feel this is not such a great bag for Scientology, but they’ve been hemorrhaging celebrities lately so I guess they take what they can get.

  13. You would think the Scientologists would have taken over a chain of nail salons by now. How can a woman have such great eyebrows but such bad nails? It seems like kind of a twofer.

  14. Petty Officer Diana Prince

    YES! They are dangerously evil. They also steal the hotness from all these peeps! Cruise looks like hell!

  15. Oh, dear. Peasanty hands should really spend more time and money on the nails to distract the eye. Isn’t that a write-off for these celebrities? Was she threshing grain that morning?

  16. Good for Robin to dump his xenu loving ass. His rebound engagement with this cheap looking scientologist will be a nightmare, sooner or later.

    I follow a tumblr that said Robin has been dating low key a new guy for some time now so maybe that’s why all this rush from Ben to show he has moved on too?

  17. Tan Mom's Revenge Fries

    What WAS that line in the front? That woman is so fake.

  18. chewinsmoke

  19. Tan Mom's Revenge Fries

    What every gossip site needs, an “insider” making accusation of the ghey and enjoying the attention.

    New experience for me!

  20. Tan Mom's Revenge Fries

    A “big European city”? Do we need to be squad members for you to be specific?

  21. Tan Mom's Revenge Fries

    He seems so very unhinged. Maybe it will help.


  22. How can people still be in that cult? Recently I discovered a Scientology Centre for High Level members in a big european city. I stood in front of this building and was stunned how many people walked in and out. All of them looked well dressed and normal, young and old people. In a window was L. Ron Hubbard’s office to look at. With his Seaman hat and all. I looked inside and there was a huge picture of him. It is fascinating and scary at the same time.

  23. Being friends with a Masterson for many years means you are in it or are very familiar with their brand of crazy.

  24. Leona Lopez

    Yeah, her voice is not pleasant. I agree.

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