Kanye West Has Signed Tyga To His Record Label

Someone must have pressed her rubberized Creepy Crawler lips up to Kanye West’s ear and threatened to stop letting him pick out her outfits unless he gave Tyga something to do besides spending Kylie Jenner’s money on cars that get repo’d. Because last night Kanye announced that he has done his family a favor by signing Tyga to his record label, GOOD Music. How very kind and generous of Kanye. Kris Jenner will no doubt have a very nice present waiting for you under the Khristmas tree this year. Oooh, maybe it will be a talking parrot that says “you’re a genius” every 10 minutes.

Tyga’s career as a “rapper” is about as steady as a model walking down a Yeezy Season 4 runway. I’m pretty sure his last album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, went triple tinfoil. Regardless, Kanye was very excited to let everyone know at a pop-up show last night in New York that Tyga has become part of the GOOD Music family.

Kanye also signed rapper Desiigner. Tyga was formerly signed to the Last Kings label, which he founded.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the internet to kongratulate Kylie on getting her brother-in-law to hook her man up with a job. But according to TMZ, it’s not like that. There aren’t enough “Uh huhs” in the world. They say that Kanye legitimately likes Tyga’s music and that signing him was strictly a “business decision” that had nothing to do with the Kardashians. They’ve also worked together in the past, and were friends before either of them got with his respective Kardashian.

TMZ’s source must think we all just fell off the back of a Botox truck if they want us to believe that this “business decision” didn’t involve the Ks. Everything that family does is a business decision. They probably pitched the whole thing to Kanye during their last business meeting/selfie gathering. “As you can see, Tyga doesn’t make you any money. But he does get attention, and you still love attention, right? Plus, if you sign him now, we’ll throw in two social media feuds and an entire box of dirty pantyhose to get you started on your next fashion collection.

Here’s Tyga and Little Kim in New York last night.

Pics: Splash, Wenn.com


  1. Omg look at this gold i stumbled upon. I loled for 2mins straight, apparently the mouth breather was pulling a miley Cyrus stunt

  2. Nitokris Ghoul

    I liked them a few years ago. I forgot they existed for a while and came back. Then I was like, “what the fuck happened?”.

  3. The fugly collection continues.

  4. Normally I would be against my teenager daughter dating a grown adult with no real job, a child with the woman having a child with my son and a TON of financial issues all while getting multiple surgeries and dressing inappropriate….

  5. He’s already broke. And Kim said my money is mine

  6. ChibaCityBaby

    I love that video.

  7. Gary Burnaska

    I want to start a label, first I need the money to pay 4 backpage escorts to outcall to an area and offer to turn them into a singing girl group called Street Skanks or Street Sluts, whatever name is more marketable. That will still be more talent and potential than this assclown.

  8. CaptainLatrine

    They did come to mind, and they probably are aesthetically grosser and just as morally dubious, but I’m honestly less disgusted by them than these two. Kylie’s implants aren’t far off being as ridiculous as Courtney’s either.

  9. Michael Girouard

    You forgot Courtney Stodden and what’s-his-name. I think they are even more repulsive.

  10. CaptainLatrine

    All that surgery, thousands of dollars worth of makeup, access to all the glorious fashions one could ever wish to wear, and she’s still unfortunate looking.

    I hate that something that looks like this is manipulating young girls into buying a false image and pumping themselves full of fillers or getting surgery to emulate this trash.

    The only campaign she should be starring in is a parenting PSA about making sure your children go to school and checking in with them once in a while so they don’t end up getting statutory raped by broke mouth-breathers you’ll have to financially support one day.

  11. CaptainLatrine

    It means 3,999 people bought the album as a gift for someone they hated or as a gag gift, and one of them was Kylie.

  12. OH, CHRIST!!!!! (enough said!!).

  13. CaptainLatrine

    And they couldn’t even be bothered coming up with an excuse, Beyoncé was literally posting of her holiday hair and leaving us in no doubt that they were absolutely not in attendance!

    They’re insanely wealthy, they can holiday whenever they like, or head to Italy for a day to attend a friend’s wedding and then get back to whatever else they felt like doing. They just didn’t want to be the sole A-listers at a Z-list event, and who could blame them for not wanting to validate Kardashians?

    Thanks for reminding me of this, I suddenly have a little more love for Beyoncé…

  14. CaptainLatrine

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a less attractive ‘celebrity’ couple. She looks like a blow up doll that’s been left in the sun and started to warp, and he looks like a mouth-breathing turtle. They also both look like they have less IQ points between them than a turd.

  15. Well she buys him a car, he lives on her $$$, she buys him clothes… Why not go the whole yards with the mothering aspect and call in a favor to get him a job?!

  16. I thought the same thing. I have never seen him look like he had half of a clue.

  17. This just seems like the logical progression…
    I’m sorry, but When Kanye got involved with Kim he lost any kind of credibility he might have had previously. (Not that he had any with me anyway).

  18. I don’t think anyone would be surprised. Except maybe Kylie and Rob.

  19. Nunya_Bizness

    I am surprised this show wasn’t green lit.


  20. Nunya_Bizness

    Hmmmm. Tyga is probably the father of the baby currently baking in Chyna’s oven. Kris had to keep him preoccupied till it was time for the conclusion of Chyna and Rob’s storyline.

  21. A match made in douche heaven.

  22. tardistraveler

    They continue to enable him why?

  23. Mrs Bob Denby

    I cried. Well done!

  24. Jezebel are poo. I used to like the site. The commenters were hilarious and then they got their stupid Kinja system and it went downhill from there.

  25. Nitokris Ghoul

    That explains a lot because I can’t stand any of the trends that emerged from Tumblr, but I’d still consider her more of a Pinterest fail. Let’s be real for a second.

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