Kanye West Found Another Way To Keep Poking At Taylor Swift

If Kanye West’s recent semi-coherent ramble at the MTV VMAs is any indication, then Kanye West still has the mind of an ADHD hamster that just discovered what a mirror is. Since Kanye has an attention span of about 0.3 seconds, one would think he would have gotten bored of pulling at Taylor Swift’s metaphorical pigtails by now. But apparently Taylor is still someone he loves to talk about. He reminded us about their feud in his VMA speech, and he did it again backstage.

While backstage, Kanye ran into Indian-Canadian spoken word artist Humble the Poet, who was wearing a t-shirt featuring half the album cover of Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and half of Taylor’s 1989. As you can see, Kanye took a picture with HTP, which HTP tweeted it. But just in case that didn’t get Kanye enough attention, he also tweeted a picture of Humble’s t-shirt with an “Okay, sure Kanye” caption.

I want to believe that “Unity love” is Kanye’s way of calling a cease fire on this stupid attention whore war, but who knows. And the reason I want to believe that is because I’m terrified that tweeting a picture of Humble’s t-shirt is Kanye’s way of hinting that he’s going to release a follow-up video to “Famous” featuring life-like wax figures of that George Condo nightmare version of Kanye having sex (aka “unity love“) with a headless Taylor Swift. Please Kanye, no. I know you really want to get sued by Lil’ Miss Litigious, but not at the sake of our eyes.

While we’re on the topic of life-like wax figures, here’s Kanye leaving dinner with Kim Kardashian and Salacious B. Cheban last night.

Pics: Twitter, Splash


  1. It’s actually kinda sad that nearly 40 yo old Kanye has to make the stupid tswift fued one of the Center points of his PR strategy for his new Life of Pablo album. Instead of the quality of the album driving the sales. Maybe that’s why it’s not a big success. Maybe he should ask his “uber talented wife for some pointers”?

  2. Yeah exactly…her fastest selling album vs his lowest selling album. He’s not as great he thinks

  3. I mean kummykakes was probably contractually obligated to listen to it once so that means something I guess

  4. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    but it was the best greatest album of all times!

  5. I really think that’s what dimmy’s problem is….addicted to plastic surgery & the pain killers that go with it.

  6. He would probably literally kill for her album sales since life of Pablo tanked

  7. Yassss!

  8. Fritzi Schnitzer

    http://izquotes.com/quotes-pic… this is what a rock star looks like, you autotuned-to-hell dummy

  9. Fritzi Schnitzer

    yeah, she’s a real Jackie O

  10. Fritzi Schnitzer

    http://images.designntrend.com… she gets it from her lovely mother

  11. Fritzi Schnitzer

    She holds him like an aunt or friend. Almost right but not quite.

  12. Fritzi Schnitzer

    That’s Kanye’s son, alright

  13. Fritzi Schnitzer

    one teaspoon of thorazine

  14. Fritzi Schnitzer

    Kimbecile is channeling Raquel but still can’t leave the long coat obsession that plagued her pregnancy http://www.thewallpapers.org/p

  15. I would choose to spend my time with that kid rather than any of the people involved in this despicable shit.

  16. These people can’t stand themselves.

  17. Exactly. And thank you for this much-too-true gif. Fucking assholes and all in the same way.

  18. Maybe she’s wearing spanx but she doesn’t need spanx because she’s so naturally thin?

    I’m cracking myself up.

  19. As someone who grew up with lapdogs I FELT that as I read it.

  20. spaniardweirdo

    Please Baby Jesus, make this one be true…

  21. spaniardweirdo

    Camel face.

  22. spaniardweirdo

    Nope. She’s just “tired” y’all!

  23. spaniardweirdo

    That would be AMAZING actually… You should be a fashion editor Soli!

  24. I can actually explain that part! There was a plastic surgeon on some show once who said that you get that elongated space when you continually use too much filler in your naso-labial (I think that’s the right name) folds and lip fillers. It stretches the skin out so far from the nose that it doesn’t recover.

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