Here’s Kim Kardashian At Her Husband’s “Famous” Exhibit

The song and video that started the most important and future-scorching clash of pop stars in the 21st century so far is also an art exhibit. Kanye West has displayed those nude, night terror-inducing celebrity figures from the video for “Famous” at a “secret art exhibition” somewhere in Los Angeles. A blonde Kim Kardashian-West attended the show yesterday, along with the one with the modeling career that has nothing to do with nepotism. Kanye was there, too. On a video monitor that he was operating by remote control so he could chat about himself on two coasts at once. In the video on TMZ, it looks like, wait, is it moving? No. NO. Imagine a video Yeezus rolling up at you to complain about how the whore derves look over Skype? *shiver* He’s in NYC to perform his top-secret free-for-all shitshow at the VMAs tomorrow night, but his ego is far too bloated to let Kimmy have all the press at HIS exhibition.

Kim and Video Face Kanye were there to view their dummies (feel free to put the emphasis on that last word when you read it in your mind) as well as the dummies of Dubya, The Orange Despot, Miranda Priestley, RiRi, Fist Brown, The Snake Who Shall Not Be Named, The Dick That Started This Mess, Amber Rose, I Am Cait, and the alleged Pudding Pop Rapist. All of the sculpted figures have breathing mechanisms which make it look like they’re alive but sleeping. That’s a big no-thank-you from me. Also, every hair on the sculptures was supposedly implanted by hand.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kanye was controlling things remotely seeing as he probably has some sort of microchips imbedded in his wife’s water park balloon ass cheeks that he uses to make her wear those clothes.

Check out a vid from the exhibition, as well as snaps of Kim and Kendall arriving at Craig’s in LA after the show below.

Pics: Splash


  1. Nitokris Ghoul

    Hai bby want sum fuk?

  2. Classic

  3. ???????????? the official emojis of morons, don’t you know. ????

  4. Detective Latoya's Monocle

    If true, Jordan Catalano would be forever dead to me and I will never be able to young adult-angst watch that show ever again.

  5. Detective Latoya's Monocle

    I seriously wouldn’t have guessed either… even after seeing the tangled, flyaway mess that Kanekalon is. That shite is made of plastique! I know… cos I use the jumbo braids to make my lox.

    I’m such a moron.

  6. Yes! She was beautiful before she started all her surgeries.

  7. So sick of art from these types of “artists”.

  8. Indeed. Smart maneuvers. In other news, have a great day, DP????

  9. Definitely the smartest work. And if I can be perfectly frank, I don’t blame the other Jenner. She was a very cute kid. But cute ain’t enough in her neighborhood. There are plenty of people who decry what Kylie did but any one of those people would be absolutely content to wake up looking like 2.0

  10. She’s going for the blow up doll aesthetic all the idiots covet. It is indeed good work.

  11. Why I never would have guessed! What a relief.

  12. Nitokris Ghoul

    See, I see vicious and calculating more than anything else. She has a mean face now.

  13. To be fair, one could be forgiven for thinking that Taylor Swift (and this goes for any of these bedfellows) isn’t a real girl.

  14. DAMN. Truth is in the pics. Kourtney looks really special, Khloe looks like a large sasquatch, and Kendull has definitely had a brow lift. Kylie….too much to think about.

  15. They are just fucked

  16. Rodmilla De Ghent

    all this does is prove that Kourtney was always the naturally pretty one. That’s just not a good pic of her-we all have bad pics.

  17. Kanye is so far up his own ass, he’s making a second trip. Ugh.

  18. MrsRogerDanish

    Holy shit. I know what I’ll be having nightmares about tonight!

  19. It’s going to be Indiana Jokes (typo it stays) and the Raiders of the lost Ark up in there.

  20. Not a lot going on in there. She says the words “totally” and “like” the most.

  21. Really cute?? Nope.

  22. “host face” lmao

  23. I’m sure she says “Ew” even with his clothes on.

  24. Now they are vacant and sad like Kim’s.

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