The Rock Is Still Scratching At Vin Diesel

Nothing is cattier than two gym bunnies yanking on each other’s weaves. Or lack thereof. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson employed his weapon of choice, Instagram, to announce that Fast 8 has wrapped production and to thank his co-stars. He left one out.


“Finished strong and on to the next. That’s an officially wrap on #FastAndFurious8. Thank you to our director @fgarygray for the vision and execution. Thank you UNIVERSAL for being tremendous partners as always, thank you to all my fellow co-stars for the daily effort and grind,” he captioned a photo of himself boarding a private jet. “Scott Eastwood you handsome sumbitch! Natalie Emmanuel I have a cold Budweiser ready for you and Tyrese Gibson you still have the biggest smile and forehead I’ve ever seen.

You’ll notice that Vin Diesel was not included on the list of kids whose yearbooks The Rock would deign to sign at the Senior Class BBQ. Things have been tense between the two dome-headed actors ever since Johnson referred to a certain “candy-ass” actor on the set whose identity was swiftly narrowed down to either Vin Diesel or Helen Mirren. And Helen Mirren could trounce The Rock and then calmly sip a cup of tea whilst reclining on the remains. TF is Helen Mirren doing in Fast 8? Is she building an addition on to her house?

On Diesel’s part, he’s waiting for The Rock to forget about him. And then, when he least expects it, he’ll strike! WITH GOSSIP.

As previously reported, the two men have yet to confirm they’re at odds, but the Last Witch Hunter star, 49, has repeatedly teased fans via Facebook that he’ll tell us “everything” once he watches the film back.

In other Rock news, he used the same Instagram post to sell his upcoming Jumanji flick as “a continuation.” So – a sequel. With Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart and Jack Black. Did I already type “Eff, Hollywood!” today? Good. Bonnie Hunt and the ghost of the barely-in-the-grave Robin Williams would like a word with you four.

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  1. Sorry not gonna watch the crappy movie…you can stop with the fake beef

  2. cherry-kittens

    It would be fun slippery and homoerotic

  3. The Rock would destroy Vin Diesel.

  4. cherry-kittens

    Why can’t they just fight it out in a car park clad in tank tops and baby oil.?

  5. I think Helen did it just for fun. She was on Graham Norton and mentioned that she would love to be in F&F because it looks like fun and you don’t have to act. I guess when Helen wants to be in your movie you write her a role. Charlize is there just to be eye candy.

  6. Lionel Bitchie

    Oh, Charlize can’t hold a candle to Helen, but I still find her casting in this a little odd. $$$ I guess

  7. Tan Mom's Basic French Flies

    I am very happy to say that the only thing that turns me off than these shenanigans, is if Woody Allen directed it. I hope the box office takes a hit.

  8. But he never mentions that. He specifically says he named her after Paul Walker.

  9. He could very well be honoring both of them.

  10. Jumanji? They’re coming for that one now?? Fuck off Hollywood.

  11. What’s really messed up is Vin always says he named his daughter Pauline in honor of Paul Walker but Vin’s real brother is named Paul. Just feels wrong.

  12. Ugh. Charlize kind of cancels out Helen. Charlize is pretty overrated.

  13. Stop the B.S. Rock. This generation of kids already knows Jumanji because it’s on cable once a month. You’re remaking a good movie, with good actors into what will most likely be silly, cheesy, low budget crap (b/c Kevine Hart and The Rock) for the check. Keep it real dude.

  14. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    Thank you Duckie

  15. Stanley Zbornak

    or maybe they really do hate eachother

  16. You people by into anything you read. I see no diss here smh. There are several other cast members. Stop reading the headline and falling for celebrity gossip smdh

  17. Captain Sarcasticus


  18. What’s wrong with the Rock? He is beong petty as fuck, and please leave Jumanji alone.

  19. I am so over this sandbox fight.

  20. I think its PR. They milked poor Paul’s death for a box office(

  21. Ariana-Kaelita

    He’s been dead for 3 years, how much longer does he need to ‘grieve’?

  22. Lionel Bitchie

    If this is PR for the movie, its lame. The only marketing they need is Helen Mirren’s face. I’ll watch anything with her.

    Also, isn’t Charlize Theron in this mess, too?

  23. Seems to me that Vin is jealous cause of Rock possibly getting a Fast & Furious Spin-off trilogy.

  24. Cry away, 19 years is a long time.

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