Pimp Mama Kris Is No Longer The Chairwoman Of The Illustrious “Kardashian U”

If you were saving your coins, hoping that one day you’d be able to afford a Kardashian U Master Class taught by Professor Pimp Mama Kris on “How To Kontact The Devil So You Can Sell Your Soul And The Soul Of Your Children In Exchange For A Multi-Million Dollar Whore Empire,” you’ve been saving your money for nothing. Because PMK is no longer the chairpimp of the “university” she helped re-launch a few months ago. The good news is that Michael Lohan is probably still teaching classes on “How To Whore Out Your Children So You Never Have To Get A Real Job” in the back room of a strip club in Pompano Beach, so you can still take that.

Kris holds a PhD in Pimping and a masters in Scheming from U of H (University of Hades), so she was the perfect person to be the face of a business school with a shady past. (You can’t spell Kardashian without “shadi,” and yes that’s how you spell “shady” at Kardashian U.) The Daily Beast reported back in May that PMK became chairwoman of the for-profit Legacy Business School (nickname: Kardashian U), which used to operate as the European School of Economics. ESE was reportedly under investigation by the New York State Education Department for illegally offering degrees without approval. ESE decided to get a face-lift, and as part of their re-branding they brought in PMK. Yes, they brought in Kris Jenner to help them look less shady. That’s like Bill Cosby trying to clean up his reputation by hiring Terry Richardson as his new brand image consultant.

The Daily Beast reported today that changing their name didn’t do shit, because Legacy Business School, which operates out of Trump Tower (of course) in NYC, is still under investigation. The school is reportedly advertising that you can get bachelor’s and master’s degrees with them, but you can’t. They haven’t been granted to do so. The NYSED has told them to stop and forwarded the case to the New York Attorney General’s Office of Fraud and Consumer Protection.

Legacy Business School’s website states that tuition for the undergraduate program starts at $82,060 a year! Yes, over $300k for a degree that’s about as real as Khlozilla’s ass, Kylie’s lips, Kim’s whole body, etc… If you really want a degree that won’t help you get a job, just go to art school. It’s cheaper and at least you can find good drugs and hot ass there.

The Daily Beast says that after they published an EXPOSE that claimed that Legacy has received three cease and desists from the state and has been sued dozens of times, PMK decided to step down as chairwoman. Her company said in a statement that she’s just too busy for the gig:

“Kris is honored that the Legacy Business School invited her to assist the school in its mission to provide students with real world experience. However, due to her many time commitments, she is unable to commit the necessary time in support of the school and is no longer involved.”

When Kris Jenner doesn’t want to be associated with you anymore, then give yourself five hard pats on the back, because you have reached a level of shady antics that nobody thought existed. But really, Kris was right to cut all ties with them. I mean, they’re so bad at (allegedly) grifting that they’ve been under investigation several times. Being connected to terrible schemers could tarnish PMK’s reputation!

And here’s one of Professor Pimp Mama Kris’ most successful pupils, Kim Kartrashian, leaving a plastic surgeon’s office after probably getting her balloon ass filled up with more helium.

Pics: Wenn.com, Splash


  1. She has gone down hill big time!

  2. Capt. Melvin J. Seahorse

    Give it a go sometime, very delicious. You can achieve the same texture as buttercream frosting. I find this particular frosting complements pretty much any type of cake.

  3. Nitokris Ghoul

    That girl in the background was just showing PMK a preview of her nose.

  4. Thanks Capt. I made it with butter, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Cream cheese frosting sounds yummy too! I’ve never made that before.

  5. Capt. Melvin J. Seahorse

    Oh my, those look sooooo yummy. Is that a standard cream frosting or do you throw in some cream cheese?

  6. Sniff sniff

  7. His hair puts me in a trance.


  8. She looks like michael jackson, probably the dead version.

  9. Lulu of Wellington

    lol, oh I do… all the time.

  10. Imagine them around you, heyyyy

  11. He was actually in an accident but once he started to have corrective plastic surgery he never stopped and he pretty much ruined what was left.

  12. For a minute I thought that was Sir Ian McKellen.

  13. Lulu of Wellington

    His forearm muscles are perfection, no? *purrs*

  14. Mmmm, yessss.

  15. Gina Romantica

    She should have taken that clothespin off of her nose sooner

  16. Megan Kelly’s nose has the same crookedness

  17. Those earrings in the main picture may say “Chanel,” but they look like the kind of tourist tchotchkes that are sold at an airport. Gross.

  18. Buttercream…….mmmmmm

  19. she’s entering Wacko Jacko/LaToilet territory now..

  20. bahahaha!!! Porn hobbit

  21. Fun Fact: An anagram for Kris Kardashian is A Kinda Shark Sir.
    And lest we forget:

  22. It is a lot smaller… and she had all the dents removed.

    The delusion is so off the charts with her. Every time she gets to harping about how natural her ass is…. I always recall this image…. with her old flat ass.

    Yea. That thing she is dragging behind her now, is allll natural. *sarcasm*

  23. They’ll get honourary degrees in ten years for something something social media marketing something and those of us who went to that school will collectively die a little.

  24. Polyester Poontang

    There was a Nicole Simpson on Dynasty.

    Terrible character who pretended that she had married Jeff, who thought Fallon was dead for the 75th time… wait what am I talking about again?

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