Rob Kardashian Thinks “Rob & Chyna” Might Be Killing Their Relationship

When we last left the totally real reality show starring the most reluctant Kardashian fame whore Rob Kardashian and his knocked-up enthusiastic fame whore fiance Blac Chyna, they were having “problems” during filming. Rob had erased all pictures, including ones of Chyna, from his Instagram. He also unfollowed her for a second. Rob’s decision to dramatically remove the humanoid vinyl toy from his social media life was apparently caused by a fight they had during the filming of Rob & Chyna. At the time, it was rumored that their fight was over some suspicious texts Rob found on Chyna’s phone and that they were breaking up. Now TMZ is saying that things have been rough between Rob and Chyna, but it might have more to do with the 20-person kamera krew following them around everywhere.

E! clearly didn’t learn anything from the last time they pushed Rob in front of the cameras and forced him to dance, because production sources tell TMZ that Rob hates filming Rob & Chyna. Rob has reportedly been bailing on filming over the past month. He’s also been complaining that Rob & Chyna is ruining his relationship with the mother of his unborn baby. A source says that Rob believes Keeping Up With The Kosmetically Enhanced destroyed his family, and now he’s scared Rob & Chyna will do the same to his relationship with Chyna.

Rob has been flip-flopping hard about filming and it varies week to week. TMZ says he shows up for some shoots, but is a no-show for others. Like when he and Chyna were supposed to film a few big scenes in San Diego with his sisters, she showed up, but he didn’t.

Reality shows are the opposite of reality, so you’d think they could cobble what footage they do have of Rob in editing and call it a day. But apparently that could be a problem too. TMZ says that producers are worried that they might not get enough good material for Rob & Chyna. And that’s causing a lot of people to nervously tug at their pilgrim collars and wipe the Botox stress-leaking from their foreheads. They don’t want another I Am Cait on their hands.

Honestly, I’m not sure if E! and executive profiteer Kris Jenner really have anything to be worried about. Who really cares about Rob? Not me. I’ll be tuning in to Rob & Chyna for one thing and one thing only: watching Kim Kardashian try not to snap every muscle in her face when Chyna announces that she’s named her baby Robert Kardashian III or God.

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  1. This is Brandi Glanville type mess

  2. I really wanted this guy to make it. He dropped off the planet for ages, just stayed out of the papers and I actually begrudgingly gave him a head nod of appreciation.
    I didn’t even care if he looked like he’d been living on boxes of cereal and chocolate bars because after being raised by PMK and having the wrong genitalia for her to whore out I probably would be like that too.
    Out of all the Kardashians he was the one I thought would just stay out of the spotlight, marry an average looking girl and turn up occasionally to family get togethers if the cameras were banned.
    How I was so wrong… I can’t believe I used to defend this dude.

  3. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    they got sued for false advertisement for the shoes. Endorsing plastic surgery would have been more realistic.

  4. what happened?

  5. Immodest Goddess

    Yeah she really messed up her looks. And from some accounts she’s supposed to be a pretty astute businesswoman. Clearly her intelligence doesn’t tide over to her appearance or choice in baby daddies!

  6. “..Rob believes Keeping Up With The Kosmetically Enhanced destroyed his family, and now he’s scared Rob & Chyna will do the same to his relationship with Chyna.”

  7. Jesus is coming...RUN!!!

    there’s something beautiful about firm jiggly butt on men and women.

  8. Jesus is coming...RUN!!!

    didn’t know that, i knew about the sun I just remember how pretty Chyna was back in the day.

  9. I met him once when I was an extra on a commercial hehehe

  10. Normal people don’t *do* the things they’ve done. Normal people can watch and be transfixed, like when you can’t take your eyes off a car wreck or something else you know you shouldn’t be seeing, but they would not take those same actions. Plenty of people do find the Ks vile and dishonorable. It would be super interesting to see the numbers separated on website hits and tv ratings between actual fans and who hate views. They still make money either way, so obviously Kris wins.

  11. Just throw it all on tv unedited, Kardashian fans will watch ANYTHING.

  12. scorching

  13. I feel bad for him to a point. But he is a rich kids with tons of opportunities. If you don’t want to do reality TV, don’t.

  14. SuzySweetheart

    Blaq Chyna is the one who actually has her shit together in the relationship. SHE’S the one who works, SHE’S the one who is trying to get them a career, SHE’S the one who is showing up to photo shoots, HE’S the loser. Let;s not always blame the woman in these situations, mkay???

  15. SuzySweetheart

    Rob is a loser. I grew up around guys like that. Spoiled, entitled, fat, drugs, he has no redeeming qualities.

  16. I’m sure there’s only so much in a day you can film of two overweight uneducated pizza munchers… These two make the Jersey Shore cast look classy!

  17. Bawawaha.

  18. I can’t help feeling that this is what Kim, Khloe and Kylie all look like without the epilation, hair extensions and surgery.

  19. usernamestaken

    Hey! Watch it…

  20. usernamestaken

    You lost me after ‘Rob Kardashian Thinks’.

  21. Yes, he certainly has every opportunity for help at his fingertips.

  22. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    they make appointments to “film scenes”? Are they also required to memorized their lines for this reality show?

  23. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    Again, his sister “made” shoes that were supposed to help you lose weight, and also “makes” makeup. You know piles of both are siting next to Rob’s socks in the basement.

  24. lol That would be awesome! I’d love a free kitten with a new pair of socks.

  25. Thanks, I coffee snorted my margarita.

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