Keshia Knight Pulliam’s Divorce Situation Got More Dramatic

Two days ago, we learned that Keshia Knight Pulliam was going through a whole Dr. Phil-episode’s worth of relationship awfulness with her husband of six months, former NFL player and one-time RHOA husband Ed Hartwell. A week after Keshia announced that she was knocked up with Ed’s baby, he filed for divorce and demanded a paternity test. It’s nowhere near the worst reason that a former Cosby Show cast member has found themselves in the news for recently, but it’s definitely not great.

Keshia and Ed’s situation got even more complicated. Rudy Huxtable sat down with Entertainment Tonight last night and told her side of the story.

Keshia, who wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, told ET that she that she’d gladly take a paternity test to prove that Ed IS the father because she never cheated on him during their six-month marriage. In fact, Keshia says that if anyone was scrubbing the smell of side pieces off their parts, it was Ed. She claims he cheated on her after they got married.

Keshia also says she was the first to put together divorce papers after she found out that Ed cheated. Keshia never filed the divorce papers, because Ed begged for a second chance. Keshia was willing to give it another go after she discovered she was knocked up with his baby. And the cherry on top of this messy sundae: Keshia says that Ed told her he wanted a divorce in a text message.

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ET reached out to Ed for his side, but he never got back to them. But a source close to him recently talked to People about the situation. The source says Ed doesn’t have any evidence that Keshia cheated on him, but he finds the timing of her pregnancy suspicious. Ed allegedly told Keshia he wanted to wait to have a baby (because things were so messy in the beginning of their marriage), and then all of a sudden “she pops up pregnant.” Ed has a son with former Housewife Lisa Wu, and the source says a paternity test is his way of “covering his bases.” He also wasn’t crazy about how fast she posted baby bump pictures on Instagram.

You always hear jokes about how people should be required to take a test in order to become a parent. I’ve never been a fan of mandatory tests of any kind, so I can’t get behind that. But what I would be ok with is if there was a short, totally optional questionnaire available somewhere for potential parents. And not to make sure you’d be a good parent; it’s to make sure having a kid with someone is a good idea. It would only need to be one question. “Do you see this situation getting really messy? If you answered No, go make a baby. If you answered Yes, well…good luck with that.”


  1. Yikes

  2. Jo 'Mama' Besser

    Since I wrote that, I learned that the side girl had a miscarriage, so I don’t even know what to say.

  3. Inconvenient for him, maybe. But how is timing of the wife’s pregnancy suspicious when he said himself that they were were gonna start trying for a baby right away?? Dumbass.

  4. Lucky new girl.

  5. That’s awful 🙁

  6. Wow that man has no balls. Sorry you went through that 🙁

  7. Yup, I do the same! No kids for me, ever.


  9. Immodest Goddess

    I agree. She would still be caught up in the whirlwind “romance” of the relationship and marriage I think.

  10. Kanye's Sharted Pants

    Also I cannot imagine a normal woman cheating after being married just 6 months! They have only known each other one year! All the women I know including myself were gah gah over our men when they were new and would never have eyes for other men especially so early in a relationship. The first two years are typically honeymoon years and an honest women doesn’t cheat. I know some women differ but she doesn’t fit the type.

  11. A hot mess

  12. M from Toronto

    True, and that’s how I feel; if he was so troubled that this relationship was not positive or healthy, then he should have applied abstinence and discussed honestly where they were and where they would be going forward. It’s not a mature decision, from a person who has another child, to tell people how concerned you are about your relationship but still be crawling into bed and possibly making another person who didn’t ask to be involved in the drama. If he feels that way in general he should have got snipped years ago.

  13. How many?

  14. Yes swans will fuck your shit up with a quickness. This is because they read Dlisted.

  15. Marry in haste, repent in….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snore*

  16. the underground train

    The man can get a vasectomy and freeze his sperm for when he is ready to have a child. I think this is the best way for a man to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

  17. Sounds like an idea for a kid’s pop-up book.

  18. To be honest, contraceptive methods can all fail. A friend said he and his wife were using three different types and she still got pregnant. So a pregnancy is not proof that a couple wasn’t taking reasonable measures to prevent it. Abstinence and sterility are still the only 100% methods. All the rest have a certain failure rate.

  19. This is true. Everyone deserves someone to love but that person must also love them to. For better or worst. Otherwise, fuck it.

  20. Immodest Goddess

    I’ve seen too many friends panic and marry men they have doubts about simply because they want a man. And the thing is, no matter how great the sex starts off, if the man’s a loser that goes South really quickly.

  21. “Always remember, no dick is 100% better than unworthy dick.” – Oh Immodest!

  22. *dies*

  23. Side piece was hoping for some of that Cosby money if there was no prenup in place.

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