Kanye West Publicly Kongratulated Kim Kardashian On Her Snapchat Skills Last Night

It’s been almost two weeks since Kim Kardashian rinsed the salty blonde victim tears off her husband’s reputation by releasing several Snapchats of a conversation about the song “Famous” between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. And ever since then, there’s been no end to the reminders of the second time Kim took down a snake on camera. Kanye kept the party going last night by reminding everyone at a Drake concert about What Kim Did. You know, in case any of us accidentally got amnesia in the past 12 days and forgot. Thanks, Kanye.

According to E! News, Kanye made a surprise appearance at Drake’s show in Chicago last night to perform their song “Pop Style” together. Once they were done, Kanye turned it into The Kanye West Show (featuring Drake off to the side contemplating whether to have the sound guy cut his mic). Before performing “Famous” – as if I even need to remind you why that’s noteworthy – Kanye gave his wife a shout-out for her excellent evidence-collecting skills. Just call her Whoriet the Spy!

“All I gotta say is, I am so glad my wife has Snapchat. Because now y’all can know the truth and can’t nobody talk shit about ‘Ye no more.”

There’s a video of it as well. Kanye sounds so happy. This must be what it sounds like when Kanye walks into a room with wall-to-wall mirrors.

Thanks to the conspiracy theory that Taylor’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston is a performance art/music video thing, the Tin Foil Hat-type in me can’t help but think there’s something fishy going on between Kimye and Snapchat. Like, that Kimye gets a cut of Shapchat’s profits every time this dumb feud gets mentioned. Of course, that can’t be right. This is Kim Kardashian we’re talking about. If Kim had some kind of shady #getkash deal with Snapchat, Kanye’s speech would have sounded a whole lot more like a commercial. “I am so glad my wife has Snapchat! Don’t you wish you had Snapchat too? Download Snapchat today! And don’t forget to purchase the exclusive Kim Kardashian Drowsy Face filter pack for $3.99!

Here’s Kanye’s wife, Kanye’s daughter, two of Kanye’s sisters-in-law, and a whole mess of the KUWTK kamera krew at the Del Mar racetrack yesterday.

Pics: Instagram, Splash


  1. jelliebeanier


  2. I honestly don’t remember. All I remember is one episode where a guy who said he hated Kim K was put face to face with her and he couldn’t come up with good insults to save his life. She was “victorious” in the end. Of course the show was staged.

  3. Oh gosh Kanye is going to play this shit out forever, Taysnakes should just do nothing as should anyone he tries to call out, ignore ignore !

  4. We hate em all !

  5. Donna Clinton

    Unsexiest couple in the world…Mickey/Minnie, Donald/Daisy, Kermit/Miss Piggy, Peppy Le Pue (sp) and any roadkill he picks up are sexier.

  6. Andromeda_Deadface

    That’s what I keep telling myself, only 20 minutes I have no excuses not to do that. An hour can be hard, but 20 mins, get off your butt!

  7. Losers, all of them.

  8. Why the fuck is this Howard Hughes wanna be still famous? Take your swamp pig wife and her family of she beast succubi and FUCK THE FUCK OFF.


  9. One week, nonstop…while reading a magazine, of course.

  10. Please and Thank You

  11. rhinana's inbred banana

    Mmmmmmmm. Gonna take a lot of elliptical hours to work those off.

  12. Wanna know how much of a fatass I am? I read your hashtag and immediately thought of a danish pastry


  13. rhinana's inbred banana

    I was so confused by this until I came and saw the above poster. #weareallDanishere

  14. I love Hit workouts! The short intense ones I can always fit in sometime during my day. And yes, always modify exercises to suit your ability and comfort so you don’t hurt yourself.

  15. rhinana's inbred banana

    Piss off with your phony self-righteousness. You are on a celebrity gossip page.

  16. Oh yes, she’s so incredibly talented!

  17. Andromeda_Deadface

    That would be good for keeping loose, but I wouldn’t lose weight which I really need to do to start with. I am just starting with HIIT workouts because I used to exercise for an hour four days on one or two days off, but I just can’t get my mind around that now. If I do HIIT for about 20 mins and do it every day, I think that will do the trick and I can get my mind into 20 minutes, an hour not so much. I just have to replace an exercise or two with the program I will follow and I think it will be fine. No touching the floor and jumping up, bit less deep bending!

  18. LOL

  19. Gentle yoga maybe? I have an app on my phone called “Yoga Studio” and it has classes for all levels.

  20. Noooo he needs to be drinking tea!

  21. Andromeda_Deadface

    Luckily they don’t pain me just normal day to day, but finding exercises that can help you lose weight without using knees is so hard. I used to run up and down the stairs, which is fantastic, so strenuous, but don’t think I can do that this time. I wish I had a pool, I’d do that, but I live in the sticks so getting to a pool is impossible.

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