Robin Tunney Is A Mom Now

This is one that will either elicit a “The lady from The Mentalist had a kid?” or “OMG Sarah Bailey from The Craft had a kid!” I’m in the latter category, so excuse me while I get excited for Sarah Bailey’s big news.

Robin Tunney, aka Sarah from The Craft and Debra from Empire Records, is a first-time mom. 44-year-old Robin announced the news yesterday on Instagram that she had recently given birth to a baby boy that was put inside her by her fiance Nicky Marmet. The photographer who took her baby’s picture confirmed that her baby’s birthday happened around two weeks ago. Oooh, do I smell another secret baby? Actually, this seems more like an “I was waiting to find the right baby basket for his first newborn photoshoot” situation.

Robin isn’t kidding. She kept very hush about being pregnant; someone else actually announced her pregnancy for her. Which is sad, really, because I believe legend has it that every time a famous person gets knocked up and doesn’t Instagram a picture of the piss stick with the hashtag #ClearblueConfirmed, a celebrity angel loses its private cloud booth in Heaven’s equivalent of The Nice Guy.

Onto that baby’s name! As you can see above, Robin didn’t pay tribute to the two greatest credits on her IMDB page by naming her baby Manon or Shockmi. Robin and Nicky named their new baby Oscar Holly. Oscar is pretty normal. But Holly? That’s an odd choice. And you know it’s bound to be something little Oscar gets real tired of quickly around the holidays. “Oh look, you brought me a sprig of holly…because my middle name is Holly. You know, I think I mention this every year, but I’m really more of a mistletoe person.

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  1. Wow, she looks good for her age.

  2. claudia mastro

    her instagram is Real Robin Tunney?as if someone would open a page and act as if it’s her?

  3. putsomestankonit


  4. The Rural Juror

    I will always love Robin Tunney for the movie “Cherish”. Great soundtrack too. Congrats, RT.

  5. me too – that’s where I know her from. can you believe they are still paying adam sandler to make movies, when he peaked 20 years ago?

  6. She is one of those women that look better and younger with less makeup. In the top pic she looks a lot older and wears a lot more makeup.

  7. Nitokris Ghoul

    She was like the proto Kristen Stewart. She’s probably a much more decent human being than KS is though.

  8. Nitokris Ghoul

    Fairuza Balk stole the show in The Craft.

  9. Liked her in Prison Break

    and beautiful baby 😀

  10. Just the facts

    That’s a super cute baby. Kisses! Mwah!!

  11. You’ve never seen The Craft? It’s THE BEST

  12. That baby is just ADORABLE!! ????????

  13. insertrandomcliche

    Sure it could be or it could be work. I only commented that because it didn’t look like natural aging to me. I looked up pictures of her this year and that’s what I thought.

  14. Or she’s 44 not 24. I’ve run into people I haven’t seen In 15 years and am like, wtf they look nothing like what I remember. Just good old fashioned aging. Plus everyone’s genes are different. Some people look amazing or exactly like they did in high school, some not so lucky.

  15. No, just Lou the schnauzer. My friend had 3 and they were just so cute but they love to climb. Her dad was hopping mad when they ascended his Corvette.

  16. That’s true, but exercises for the face do the same thing as exercises for the body. They keep the muscles toned and that does help to prevent some wrinkling and sagging. But of course there are many other factors. And nothing, not even surgery is going to keep someone looking 20 when they’re 50, no matter how great their genes and maintenance routines are. It’s best to have realistic expectations.

  17. Girl. Not enough for some people. Nature isn’t the same for everyone. Just because someone has fatty jowls or a hollow sad face doesn’t mean they aren’t taking care of themselves. Some people are “pretty” and some people don’t age “well”. No matter what they eat or the face exercises they do. Surgery isn’t going to fix everyone either. Especially as what you are talking about is a matter of current cultural preference, and not health.

  18. MrsPotatoHead

    Me too. I watched it on cable as an adult many years after it actually came out! But I also remember Fairuza Balk from the Waterboy, and that was ages ago, too.

  19. Jo 'Mama' Besser

    I love this bitch.

  20. hmmpf, I’m so old I was too old to be interested in it 20 years ago, let alone now.

  21. ooo, Joseph Cotton! they don’t make ’em like that anymore

  22. Face and neck exercises. They do work.

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