Leave It To Kelly Osbourne To Add Another Layer Of Messiness To Her Dad’s Cheating Situation

Just when this whole Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne breaking up ESCANDALO was dying down and the media was moving on, Kelly Osbourne has stepped onto the stage and has kept it alive by dousing it with gallons of pure liquid foolery. If this entire thing really is a shameless stunt to promote The Talk and Black Sabbath’s tour, then Sharon Osbourne should give Kelly a huge bonus, because she sicced her followers on her dad’s supposed ex-side ho and has screamed “ELDER ABUSE!

During the course of their 33 year marriage, Ozzy’s peen apparently racked up a whole lot of frequent cheating miles by visiting tons of side pussy, but it’s his recent side ho that set Sharon off and made her dump him. Ozzy has allegedly been boning hairstylist Michelle Pugh for months. On Twatter last night, Kelly Osbourne did the social media equivalent of spray painting the words “Cum Dumpster Whore” and “Home Wrecking Pepaw Beating Hussy Slut Skeezer” onto Michelle’s car. Kelly tweeted Michelle’s number after announcing that if anybody is looking for low-lights, a blow out and a blowjob, call her up. Besides Fabio and Keith Urban, I don’t know any dude who is looking for low-lights, a blow out and a beej from the same place, but okay.


Blow out AND a blowjob” is a great tagline for a dry (and wet) bar.

When Kelly was called out for her act of pettiness and was told that she should probably direct her rage at her dad for cheating on her mom, she told them to mind their own business, as she aired her family’s business all over Twitter.

And when another person tried to enlighten Kelly to the fact that it’s not only Ozzy’s side piece’s fault, it’s also his fault, she got all very special episode of The Golden Girls by bringing elder abuse into it:

I don’t know what Kelly means by “elder abuse” and I don’t know if she knows either. Does Kelly mean that Michelle tricked innocent and naive Ozzy into cheating by making him bob for Werther’s in her cooch? Or did Michelle leave a bruise on his pepaw nalgas when she spanked him while fucking? Who knows, but I do know that before Michelle changed her number, she probably got a lot of calls asking her, “Is this a full service salon and spa, like do you take facials too?

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  1. Richard Degrandcourt

    kelly loves her jelly and tea, and thats all right with me, oh i love her pretty face,like strawberry ice-cream you see. she dances all night long, and loves her pizza thin, ill have some mashed potatoes and some peas mashed up within, let go to acapulco and sing and dance all night and and drink champagne and jump along the sea tonight

  2. Richard Degrandcourt

    the osbornes are a unique musical family, “they are just osborneing, cruising and funning around… we need more little kellys, perhaps she will
    name her daughters little darla and keely. i love the osbornes wiring for keel big feature film.

  3. She has a “I love daddy” or “Daddy’s girl” tattoo. LMAO

  4. And throw a pork roast or ham over the wall into their yard.

  5. Trash.

  6. The original Kardashians.

  7. Age isn’t helping. Addicts age faster, physically and neurologically.

  8. Interesting.

  9. Melissa Michelle Wray

    To think I admired her once.
    Then again, I was 14, so…

  10. gross, gross, and gross

  11. That’s exactly my point. She’s telling 4 million people her business yet telling them to mind their business.

  12. Exactly.

  13. Upstatestruggler


  14. Lipstickandribbons

    Not quite brain dead

  15. Lipstickandribbons

    Naw he has been filming a TV show and we ran into him & his son in Colonial Williamsburg a few weeks ago he is of sound and witty mind. I agree on his Osbourne show he was wasted but that’s on them (Sharon) for allowing that to continue once they saw the shape he was in and how it looked on TV.

  16. Lipstickandribbons

    Exactly and if Ozzy were to remarry and reproduce she would go down the line of succession -to use their countries terms. She’s more protecting her investment. He broke HIS vows once again.

  17. Kelly’s such a homely, trashy little troll.

  18. Mummy forgot to tell her it’s a muscle.

  19. In Sharon’s case it was probably like the La Brea Tar Pits — hard to miss.

  20. The hair dresser should take a leaf out of Sharon’s etiquette book and gift wrap a nice box of shit for ol’ lavender swirly head and her henna-haired mother.

  21. And he looks like the Joker crossed with Boy George.

  22. “What kind of person would honestly do nothing more than harass a bitch
    on Twitter when they suspected their parent was a victim of elder abuse?”
    Thank you. This sums it up perfectly.

  23. Yeah but if he was married when he was hooking up with Sharon, then Sharon was hooking up with him when he was married.

  24. I cant understand she even has a career. All she has is an opinion. Of course its never ozzies fault beacuse you know he brings in money. If anyone is abusing ozzie its his family, with their grubby, trashy thrist for attention and money. No wonder the other daughter has nothing to do with them, shes awake.

  25. Dawn Keibals (Falkor)

    A fucking legend.

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